News – EN – She wakes up with amputated hands and feet after a medical error


The story of Priscilla Dray has shocked Internet users As she entered the hospital for a medical procedure, the mother came out without feet or hands Focus on this medical error

This Sunday, the program Zone Interdite presented by Ophélie Meunier, was devoted to “miracle” medical operations Among them, the first baby born thanks to a uterus transplant but also the incredible story of Priscilla Dray, a 45-year-old mother, who had her hands and feet amputated after a medical error.

In July 2011, Priscilla and her partner get married and form a beautiful family with their three children: Ilan, Nathan and Aaron When their youngest is 3 months old, the mother becomes pregnant again The couple decides to have an abortion Priscilla Dray goes to Bordeaux University Hospital on July 22 to undergo a Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption (IVG)

“In excellent health (and) without any problem for an outpatient abortion” on arrival, Priscilla wakes up the next day suffering from septic shock Unfortunately, it takes a long time for nursing staff to make the diagnosis No antibiotics will be given to her, a few hours later she falls into a coma

Meanwhile, a bacterium, type A streptococcus pyogenes, also called the “flesh-eating bacteria” attacks his hands and feet Doctors tell her the infection has spread because it was not taken care of in time We must amputate Priscilla of her four limbs

Explains the mother of the family to the cameras of Zone Interdite, before telling how her return home, several months after her amputation, was difficult:

She will subsequently undergo no less than 50 surgeries to transplant her hands and feet

Priscilla, 45, had both hands and feet amputated after a medical error Now she turns to medicine to finally find her hands”When doctors restore hope: behind the scenes of miracle operations” 📺 Sunday at 9:05 p.m. on M6 pictwittercom / Vh0g8ou196

In the program we learn that the Bordeaux University Hospital has been ordered to pay Priscilla Dray the sum of 300000 euros Three members of the nursing staff were also indicted Except that for Internet users, this sentence of justice is not sufficient:

According to an American study relayed by LCI, sepsis is the cause of 11 million deaths per year The World Health Organization (WHO) considers this infection to be “the most easily preventable cause of death and disability in Europe”

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News – EN – She wakes up with amputated hands and feet after a medical error
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