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K-pop boy group SHINee released their seventh album “Don’t Call Me” at 6 p.m. on Monday (KST ) Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Known for their ever-evolving sound style, SM Entertainment returned to the music scene on Monday with their debut hip-hop dance song “Don’t Call Me” This is the first time that SHINee has tried such a genre since its debut in 2008. The track, co-composed by several top songwriters including KENZI, is the title track of the album that hit major streaming sites at 6 p.m. (KST)

“I think our new album will mark the turning point in our careers,” youngest member Taemin said at Monday’s online press conference. “So far we have tried different genres ranging from urban R&B to EDM, but this is the first time we have immersed ourselves in hip-hop dance. The songs and performances will be distinct from our previous works, but we still added the musical feel of SHINee to them.”

“I would say the lines are hysterical,” he said “We actually gave twists not only to the lyrics, but also to our fashion and visual aspects because we wanted to present something new and different to people.

“Many associate SHINee with the trend, but this time we focused on the weight Since we are releasing music for the first time in over two years, we have tried to include music that has weight and power.”

The album also features eight other tracks from various genres, including “Heart Attack”, “Code”, “Marry You”, “I Really Want You” and “Kiss Kiss”

“As I got ready for the release I was really happy because the four of us finally got back together after more than two years I think our reunion created a great synergy this time, ”said the leader Onew

During the break, three members – Onew, Key and Minho – did their compulsory military service, while Taemin forged his solo career Taemin also joined SuperM, comprising seven members of the boy groups of SM EXO, NCT and SHINee.

“It was a little difficult to adjust to my new lifestyle after I returned to civilian life – it was quite strange to see myself dancing in front of mirrors,” said Minho “But thanks to the help of other members, I was able to settle in”

“I am satisfied with the quality of our new version”, he said “All of our members have put a lot of effort into it Hope listeners give it high marks”

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News – EN – SHINee returns with first hip-hop dance song ‘Don’t Call Me ‘- JAPANFM
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