News – EN – Success of “WandaVision”: will Disney dethrone Netflix?


And to say that until recently, she was only a secondary character of the “Avengers” saga in the cinema But since the “WandaVision” series launched on Disney on January 14, Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, who constantly oscillates between good and evil, has become the world’s series superheroine with her sitcom where she brings back to life her deceased companion, Vision, in a sort of parallel universe…

In the absence of figures communicated by the platform, the analysis firm Parrot Analytics has just, by crossing several data, to announce that “WandaVision” is since its launch the most watched series in the world In France, it has not left the top of our BetaSeries ranking since mid-January A phenomenal success due to several parameters

We haven’t necessarily measured how much the series is awaited by tens of millions of fans around the world Because Wanda is part of the Marvel saga “Avengers”, whose latest opus to date in the cinema, “Avengers Endgame”, holds since 2019 the title of film the most seen in the history of cinema, with 2, 797 billion dollars worldwide revenue

And since then, nothing has happened: the film concluded phase 3 of the “MCU” (the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”), and with the pandemic, several phase 4 films, such as “Black Widow” , had to be shifted It is therefore up to Wanda to inaugurate this new part of a “multiverse” where the characters interact in a multitude of alternative dimensions.

“WandaVision” helps rehabilitate a heroine that was featured in the original Marvel comics, but neglected in the films The interpreter – much appreciated by the spectators – of Wanda, Elizabeth Olsen, herself told us that she found that her character was “not exploited enough”

“Wanda is a very strong character and she represents everything that revolves around magic, a very important element in comics but little used so far in films”, analyzes Sylvain Moriame, a big fan and specialist who analyzes stories in 30-minute videos on his YouTube channel “Captain Popcorn” The arrival of the series on Disney therefore satisfies fans around the world

Disney has made the very strategic choice not to launch the entire series at once, but to broadcast only one episode per week Frustrating for fans of “binge watching”, but … “At first, it drove me crazy, but I got used to it, and now, the episode of Wanda is my blanket on Friday”, confesses Lisa, 17 years

Like her, many of them are on the lookout for developments in the story, generating thousands of Tweets like this: “I’m impatiently awaiting the #WandaVision episode, too many questions are crossing my mind”

It was her every time 🐇⠀ Watch episode 7 of #WandaVision streaming on #DisneyPlus and watch the arrival of episode 8 tomorrow peaktwittercom / eTJiKvqD3P

Because any new episode learns a little more about the future of the MCU, while opening up new mysteries: “Certainly there is the torment of waiting, but it’s a great choice if the we place ourselves from the point of view of the fans, details Sylvain Moriame Because each episode lends itself to many theories, like those I echo every week… From a marketing point of view, it’s very clever “

So clever that specialists see in “WandaVision” the one who inaugurated a system that could “bring down” Netflix Because this allows Disney to keep its subscribers, who will not know any respite: after “WandaVision”, two new Marvel series will immediately follow one another. Always at the rate of a weekly episode…

“WandaVision”, American series by Jac Schaeffer and Kevin Feige (2020), with Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany… Episode 8/9 this Friday Disney

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News – FR – Success of “WandaVision”: Will Disney dethrone Netflix?
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