News – EN – The great forgotten of the All-Star Game: Trae Young on the pass, Devin Booker in the corner and Domantas Sabonis below, it looks good anyway


It’s tradition, every All-Star Games has its big snubs, and this year Lithuania is rumbling

It’s the tradition every year, which says selections for the All-Star Game obviously means disappointment for those who are not invited to the party This year ? An oversight probably calculated in the West, as Lithuania in the East prepares to invade the United States to express its discontent Do we take stock? Come on, after all, it’s 2:28 am here, it’s time

Good good good These great forgotten who are they? A lot of players obviously, but at different levels On the one hand, those for whom we are clearly offended by the absence, others whose presence would have been anything but a scandal and, finally, those who believed in it but who knew, deep down, that the road maybe was a little too impractical

There are … two In East Domantas Sabonis, and West Devin Booker, both authors of a strong start to the season and squatting with their team the Top 4 of their respective conferences Double standards, however, since if the snub from inside the Pacers is quite incredible and not many people saw it coming, the non-selection of the Suns sniper is perhaps mainly due to the announced package of Anthony Davis, who automatically frees a place that we can imagine going back to Booker since a Chris Paul sole representative of the Suns would return to a WTF-type reaction We are in any case on two beautiful noses to two of the most effective players in the League, and we also say that with the season that Sabonis is in the process of offering us we are wondering. ” he will be an All-Star again one day since, according to the standards of voting coaches, it is no longer enough to hit 35/17/8 every other evening to be starred Bonus track: Devin Booker is not chosen to replace Anthony Davis, and if that happens we promise you will arrive with the flamethrower

Here we go into a little more detail, with a dozen disappointed players without being offended, without crying scandal even if we like it In the east we are talking about Trae Young, who is shooting this year with a plump average of 27 points and 9.5 assists, and who could have taken advantage of All-Star Weekend to play a little basketball without having to leave his town. We also think of Tobias Harris who gets his second Sixer place sweetened by Ben Simmons, Khris Middleton who gets his second Buck’s place sweetened by… Jayson Tatum, or even Malcolm Brogdon who should have turned 40/20 for earn his place given the little love the NBA seems to have for the Pacers We would also not have been scandalized by the presence of a Heat player (Bam Adebayo or Jimmy Butler for example) or the Raptors (Lowry? Siakam? VanVleet for a first?) While Jerami Grant, Terry Rozier and especially Gordon Hayward had some semblance of hope but also fail West ? The De’Aaron Fox / Shai Gilgeous-Alexander duo also appears at the top of the disappointment ranking, while guys like Brandon Ingram, Ja Morant, Mike Conley and especially DeMar DeRozan would not have been unworthy

It’s tradition, big-up to finish those guys that an incredible alignment of the planets could have sent to the star match but as the other would say thank you for not pushing granny in the nettles A bunch of profiles here, so we don’t bother and we’ll throw it all together, in an order as illogical as it is exhaustive because we remind you that it is now 2:47 am at the time of these lines

Gentlemen, it will be for another time, or never, but in any case on March 7 you will all – or almost – be invited to watch the All-Star Game on TV, far from any form of epidemic, to gorging yourself sadly on popcorn brushed with melted cheddar cheese Is that so ? Nobody does that? Oops, pretend you’ve never seen this sentence then, and we’ll meet in a few hours for the night’s recaps, and in a week and a half to attend together the biggest cluster gathering of the year in NBA Hurry, well almost

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NBA All-Star Game, Devin Booker

News – EN – The big ones forgotten in the All-Star Game: Trae Young on the pass, Devin Booker in the corner and Domantas Sabonis below , it looks good anyway
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The great forgotten of the All-Star Game: Trae Young in the pass, Devin Booker in the corner and Domantas Sabonis
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