News – EN – The movie Titanic almost had another ending


It’s not uncommon for a movie to have multiple endings Over the decades, many cult films have had several alternative endings. This is particularly the case of Titanic

Can’t forget the end of the Titanic movie After it was discovered that Rose had actually found the Heart of the Ocean in her pocket just after the sinking, and kept the diamond secret throughout her life, she was found a hundred years old, on the research boat.

The old lady waits until nightfall to surrender hair in the wind on the deck of the boat She had been patient for decades, hoping to be as close as possible to the wreckage to throw the diamond where her great love had disappeared. With a light heart, she then goes out in her sleep

For you, Titanic could not have ended otherwise? Think again It seems that James Cameron had other ideas, especially regarding the scene with Rose centenary Indeed, a user has unearthed and unveiled on social networks unpublished images of another end of Titanic, shot by James Cameron And no, it’s not a matter of making the two protagonists stand on the cabinet door

In this scene, if Rose gets up well in the middle of the night to throw the Heart of the Ocean overboard, she is not alone The team of researchers is there too, and tries to prevent them from throwing the diamond into the sea Because after all, it is precisely the object of their research

The expedition director asks him to be able to hold the necklace for a few seconds in his hand The old lady does so, then, after giving her a speech on the value of life, she throws the diamond into the sea A somewhat embarrassing sequence follows where Rose is insulted by an angry crew member

Alien, the 8th passenger for example almost ended badly for Ripley Indeed, originally, the alien had to tear off the head of the young woman What would have been complicated to shoot the sequels

Shining would also have another ending, which is however nowhere to be foundStuart visits Danny and Wendy who are in the hospital, and tells them that the police haven’t found any supernatural elements at the Overlook Hotel He gives Danny Jack’s tennis ball before he leaves

Return of the Jedi, 6th installment of the Star Wars saga was also supposed to be the last And originally, Han Solo was to die as a hero A drama after which Luke was going to isolate himself in the Tatooine desert and Léïa found herself alone and depressed to rebuild the galaxy Finally, George Lucas preferred the party at the Ewoks

Seven had to end in a less dramatic way, at least for Gwyneth Paltrow Indeed, it was initially the head of a dog that Brad Pitt was to find in the famous box, and not that of his wife.

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News – EN – The movie Titanic almost had another ending