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“Place au cinéma”, presented by Dominique Besnehard, on France 5, pays homage to Jean-Claude Carrière this evening with the film by Louis Malle that he co-wrote

Snowy in May stages the very lively exchanges within a bourgeois family in the provinces for the sharing of the heritage of the grandmother of the tribe, all against the backdrop of May 68 which blocks the country Louis Malle imagined this film as a light parenthesis after Goodbye the children, the film of his return to France after his American period, which looked back on painful memories of his childhood during the Nazi Occupation where he had seen one of his comrades. Jewish schoolboy arrested before being deported A film that had triumphed in theaters as at the Caesar Louis Malle therefore begins to develop this story of characters living the events of May 68 far from Paris. And once he had reached fifteen pages of treatment, he decided to call on Jean-Claude Carrière to finalize this four-handed scenario. The two men are friends And Jean-Claude Carrière has already collaborated with him on Viva Maria! (for which he also wrote the famous song Ah! Les P’tites femmes de Paris) in 1965 and Le Voleur in 1967 The film will attract 1.3 million spectators and will be awarded the César for supporting female role attributed to Dominique Blanc

Music is a character in its own right in Snowy in May And it is signed by a genius violinist Stéphane Grappelli If we have heard some of his pieces in many films (from La Piscine by Jacques Deray to the recent Django by Etienne Comar, including New York New York by Martin Scorsese, Matrix by Wachowski … and Lacombe Lucien by Louis Malle), Snowy in May is however only the second soundtrack he composed for the big screen, sixteen years after that of Bertrand Blier’s Valseuses And it will unfortunately also be the last He passed away on December 1, 1997 at the age of 89

If Michel Piccoli takes the central role with an irresistible blending, Snowy in May is tasted like a tasty choral film in which two actresses take their very first step in front of the camera Valérie Lemercier whom the general public had just discovered on TV in Palace and Jeanne Herry, the daughter of Miou-Miou (another of the heroines of Snowy in May) who plays on the screen the little girl of Michel Piccoli before she ” we find her later in Gabrielle by Patrice Chéreau, Jean-Philippe by Laurent Tuel and J’attends tout tout by Jérôme Bonnell and then start a career behind the camera years later with Je adore and Pupille But Snowy in May also marks a sad last: that of Bruno Carette in what has therefore remained as his only major role – yet oh so promising – in the cinema He died suddenly in December 1989 at only 33 years old just a few weeks before the theatrical release of Snowy in May.

“Place au cinéma” on France 5, presented by Dominique Besnehard, pays tribute this evening to Jean-Loup Dabadie, co-writer of this masterpiece by Claude Sautet

Claude Miller’s first film is in the spotlight tonight at “Place au cinéma”, presented by Dominique Besnehard, on France 5

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News – EN – Three things to know about… Snowy in May
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Three things to know about … Snowy in May
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