News – EN – Two restaurants in Saint-Denis in the top 100 of the best kebabs in France


Two kebabs from Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) are in the top 100 of the best kebabs in France, according to a ranking revealed Monday, February 22, 2021

The classification was eagerly awaited by fans of the famous spit-cooked meat Each year, the Kebab frites site lists the best kebabs in France A ranking established from the opinions left by Internet users on kebabs While no Seine-Saint-Denis kebab is on the podium, two Saint-Denis brands stand out and are among the top 100 of the best kebabs, out of the 10,000 in France

In 2021, Seine-Saint-Denis entered the rankings at place 82 with sandwich bar 129, located rue Gabriel Péri in Saint-Denis It is therefore the number 1 of the best kebabs in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Here, forget the traditional “salad-tomatoes-onions” Internet users particularly praise the sandwich called Le Tremblay “The first time I went to 129 I had a triple steak, it was good, very good even, but when I tasted LE TREMBLAY I really tasted every crocs I had from this sandwich. I would of course recommend the 129 ”, comments one internet user. The recipe for success ? A sandwich consisting of three steaks, a cutlet, an egg, bacon and cheese Small appetites refrain

Just in the ranking, in 99th place is another Saint-Denis address: Le Bosphore, located at 3 boulevard Sadi Carnot Here, we find the traditional kebab, with grills over a wood fire and homemade bread

“This kebab is a great surprise The meat is good, spicy without being spicy, well seasoned The bread is homemade, the salad is fresh They are not stingy in terms of quantity, a lot of meats and fries I recommend the cheese supplement The Bosphorus is number 1 for me ”, recommends a surfer

To taste the best kebab in France, according to the Kebab frites site, you have to go to the North of France, to the capital of Flanders For the sixth consecutive year, the Unik restaurant in Lille (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) takes first place, followed by two other brands in the metropolis: Pacha Saint-André and Speed ​​Kebab La MadeleinenewspubdfpTargetingsemantic =;

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News – EN – Two Saint-Denis restaurants in the top 100 of the best kebabs in France
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Two restaurants in Saint-Denis in the top 100 of the best kebabs in France
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