News – EN – Unemployment spared by fever


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Over one year, unemployment will have increased by 20.5% A trend which owes its magnitude to the consequences of the covid crisis, even if in the end Luxembourg can breathe: social damage has remained limited until now And, after the sudden increase in the number of job seekers last spring, the country has hovered around an unemployment rate close to 6.4% as is still the case for this month of January 2021, announces Adem

In its last monthly report, the Agency even notes a reduction (really minimal) in the number of job seekers appearing in its files 19882 at January 31 against 19918 at the time of ending 2020

The total for last April (20361 registered) therefore always seems like a bad memory, even if everyone agrees that the aid in place conceals a weakness and possible closures for many companies in the coming months. Last year, the dreaded proliferation of bankruptcies had not taken place; the coming months will tell if the economic resistance of societies persists

Another reassuring point of this first 2020 review: the number of positions declared vacant is not weakening Sign that hiring is still possible In January, employers have to the Agency for the development of employment 2792 places to take And Adem counted, at the end of the first month of the year, more than 6500 unfilled advertisements (4.8% compared to December)

And the diversity of these recruitments is striking Thus, for the ten most in-demand trades, 125 jobs were to be filled among Defense staff, 121 in the fields of studies and development, 100 for accounting, 94 to ensure short-distance deliveries, 87 in financial analysis and engineering, 82 in secretarial work, 72 in credit and bank risk analysis, 68 for banking activities. masonry, 65 in legal advice and 59 in concrete construction

A sign that the situation is far from being catastrophic in the Grand Duchy, it appears that domestic employment has increased by 1.1% over the last twelve months 477452 employees are registered in the country

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Unemployment, Luxembourg, January

News – EN – Unemployment spared by fever
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