News – EN – War in Tigray: Ethiopia announces the withdrawal of Eritrean troops


The forces deployed by Asmara since the start of this civil war are accused of serious abuses

This may be a turning point after five months of war behind closed doors in the Tigrà © region Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who had visited Asmara the day before, announced on Friday morning that the Eritrean forces engaged in the conflict would be withdrawn without delay These units, whose deployment in the territory of Tigray had until now been denied by the authorities of the two countries, are accused of looting and multiple war crimes The ruled government has not officially confirmed its decision But its ambassador to Japan, Estifanos Afewerki, said on Twitter: “As of this day, the units of the outgoing defense forces will hand over all the posts (â ?? ¦ ) Evacuated by the Ethiopian army, after the savage military attack perpetrated by the Tigran forces on November 4, 2020  »

That day, after several months of an intense power struggle against the Addis Ababa government, the authorities of the Autonomous Region of Tigray stormed the Rubicon several bases of the federal army Abiy Ahmed then ordered the launch of a major offensive to dislodge the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (FLPT) Attacked on several fronts, the Tigran forces evacuated the main cities including their capital, Mà © kà © là © â ???? not without having fired some rockets towards Asmara in the process They have since retreated to rural and mountainous areas, and vow to continue the fight until the “liberation” of their territory.

The implication of troops on the rhythm, alongside the federal army, quickly became an open secret First denounced by members of the Tigran diaspora as well as by refugees settled in Sudan, it has since been confirmed by humanitarian actors authorized to enter the region at war then by American diplomats These testimonies lead to think that the rhythmic units, of which we do not know the number, played a preponderant role in this conflict. They are accused of looting, rape and numerous murders of civilians The NGO Amnesty International notably published a detailed report on the “massacre” perpetrated on November 28 in the holy city of Aksum, during which “several hundred” of Tigreans were killed in retaliation for an attack by the FLPT

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, under strong international pressure, ended up admitting the presence of the troops and denouncing “unacceptable” abuses Since coming to power in the spring of 2018, Abiy Ahmed has ostensibly moved closer to the rhythmic president, Issayas Afewerki, with whom he signed a historic agreement ending two decades of hostility between the two countries The FLPT, which ruled Ethiopia when the two countries fought a bloody war (1998-2000), has nonetheless remained the pet peeve of the dictator of Asmara.

The announcement of the phased withdrawal in, under pressure from the new US Administration, has yet to be translated into facts If so, it will undoubtedly help change the situation in Tigrà © But in what sense? The Addis Ababa government hopes that it will facilitate the acceptance of the interim administration set up at the end of November 2020, after the conquest of Mékélé. In camps in eastern Sudan, on the contrary, Tigris refugees hope that it will allow the FLPT to regain the upper hand and drive out the federal troops.

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