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The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Spanish government have officially announced that since January 25, 2021, Chinese has officially become one of the official languages ​​of UNWTO UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili made a special video to convey the congratulatory message

UNWTO is the world’s most influential international tourism organization It currently has 159 Member States and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with Spain as its permanent depositary. China joined UNWTO in 1983 In November 2007, China proposed to include Chinese among the official languages ​​at the 17th session of the UNWTO General Assembly The General Assembly adopted the proposal and an amendment to Article 38 of the “Statutes of the World Tourism Organization”, according to which the official languages ​​of the Organization are English, Arabic, Chinese, ‘Spanish, French and Russian

According to the UNWTO statutes, after the amendment is adopted by the General Assembly, more than two-thirds of the member states must complete the approval procedures before it can enter into force. Since the adoption of the amendment in 2007, China has worked hard in cooperation with UNWTO to encourage member states to follow approval procedures and make Chinese an official language of UNWTO as soon as possible. In January 2021, 106 member states ratified the amendment, a figure that matches the number provided for in the statutes, allowing the amendment to officially enter into force.

Language is a tool for expressing human ideas and thoughts, and an important carrier of culture With the continuous strengthening of the overall power of China, the international influence of Chinese is steadily increasing, and Chinese has been more widely recognized within the international community. The fact that Chinese has become an official language of UNWTO will also strengthen the integrity and authority of UNWTO as a specialized agency of the United Nations and improve the status and proportion of the use of Chinese. in international organizations It will also be of great help to help China play a more active role in international tourism affairs, to share China’s tourism development experience and opportunities, as well as to make positive contributions to construction. of a community of common destiny for humanity

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