News – FR – A dairy facility in Morbihan at the heart of a documentary on France 2 this Tuesday 23 February


France Télévisions is launching this Tuesday, February 23, “Nous paysans”, a special program highlighting the agricultural world This operation will open with an evening on France 2 presenting two documentaries, including one shot in Morbihan

“I wanted to film a pioneering and completely redesigned system, which made it possible to recreate a virtuous circle between man and nature”, summarizes documentary filmmaker Agnès Poirier His film, “The Installation”, will be broadcast this Tuesday, February 23 on France 2 in the second part of the evening

The director wanted to highlight happy and optimistic farmers She follows two women who take over an organic dairy farm in Morbihan.

To launch this evening, the channel will broadcast a great documentary entitled “Nous Paysans”, followed by a debate hosted by Julian Bugier This film directed by Fabien Beziat and Agnès Poirier, narrated by Guillaume Canet, tells about the incredible transformation of the French agricultural world, which has passed in a century from ancestral practices to extreme productivism.

“The initial idea is, in this period of ecological awareness, that we had to go back to understand the transformation of the agricultural world”, explains Fabien BeziatFor him, the situation of the peasants is globally “the legacy of the policies conducted for half a century” and “the great project is to regain their autonomy” From peasants, they have become farmers and will become tomorrow “companions of nature”, responsible for restoring and preserving ecosystems.

The documentary is based on numerous archives, and on testimonies collected by Agnès Poirier to give flesh to this story Through them, she wanted to show how this story was intimately translated into the lives of families.

Work that helped to overcome stereotypes “There is a certain contempt, and on the other hand a certain heroisation of the peasants, according to the times We refer them to an identity that is fabricated, and what we wanted is to show real encounters, “she told AFP.

Beyond this evening, the operation, scheduled after the cancellation of the Agricultural Show 2021, which should have been held at the same time, will be available in all genres on the antennas and platforms of France Télévisions du February 23 to March 7With many other documentaries, reports, programs and magazines dedicated to agricultural issues, and even new entertainment, “The favorite farm of the French”, hosted by Stéphane Bern

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News – FR – A dairy installation from Morbihan at the heart of a documentary on France 2 this Tuesday 23 February
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