News – FR – An investigation against singer Francis Lalanne



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Francis lalanne
AFP Photo

The public ministry has confirmed the information of Point according to which, following an opinion piece published on the online site “France soir” on January 22, an investigation was carried out opened five days later, entrusted to the People’s Delinquency Repression Brigade (BRDP)

The Paris prosecutor’s office and a source close to the case confirmed to AFP that Francis Lalanne “was heard on February 5 by investigators” from the BRDP, in open hearing according to the source close

In this column entitled “J’appelle”, the singer assures us that “we must now put the state out of state to harm the French people” and asks the “dismissal” of the head of state, Emmanuel Macron

“I call on the highest dignitaries of the French army to come to the aid of the people and to put an end to the social and political turmoil from which the Nation has suffered for too long”, he also asks

“The permanent criminalization of the individuals that we are, through state structures and the media, is constitutive of tyranny”, according to Francis Lalanne

“The head of state and his government are wiping their feet on Republican Law like on a doormat” and “we must now put the structures of the Ã? state of putting an end to the manifestly illicit disturbance inflicted on the Nation by its government “, according to him

“The government is insidiously committing a coup in the name of the Covid; and is preparing to institute tyranny as an avatar of the Republic, unbeknownst to the French people §Ais “, he argues again

Francis Lalanne, several times a candidate for elections in the past under an environmentalist banner, is a supporter of the “yellow vests” movement He led a “Yellow Alliance” list in the European elections in May 2019, obtaining 0.54% of the vote

Francis Lalanne, Emmanuel Macron

News – FR – An investigation opened against singer Francis Lalanne
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