News – FR – Arsène Lupine (W9) – Romain Duris: “I had to learn to waltz, to box”


Among the Lupines, we are thieves from father to son! Faithful to the teaching of his late dad, slain by an overly greedy accomplice, Arsène has become someone in his party Like father, like son ! Tracked down by the police, the dandy pickpocket scours opulent receptions, without weapons or violence He covets three precious crucifixes, sesame to unearth the famous treasure of the kings of France But the prince of the robbery is not alone in contention

Omar Sy (Lupine): with a sleight of hand on Twitter, he reveals the release date of the rest of the series!

After Georges Descrières and before Omar Sy, Romain Duris played the hero of Maurice Leblanc, in this film by Jean-Paul Salomé (2004), based on La Comtesse de Cagliostro (played by Eva Green) and L’Aiguille hollow It’s not the best written of films, of course, but Duris composes a twirling and carefree Lupine, with a little air of Belmondo! “I had to learn to waltz, to do French boxing … I couldn’t have been Arsene like that Spontaneity wouldn’t have been enough, “said the actor.

Omar Sy: sales of Arsène Lupine books explode thanks to the Netflix series!

On the set of BFMTV, this Thursday, March 4, Coline Berry assured that Jeane Manson, ex-wife Richard Berry, was a member of a sect that advocated pedophilia The 45-year-old actress had previously raised her complaint for “rape and sexual assault on a minor of 15 years by ascendant” against her father

On February 17, in Cournonterral, near Montpellier, the Pailhasses festival, banned by the prefecture, took place The incidence rate then increased sharply in the town, denounced the prefect of Hérault on Tuesday at a press conference

This Tuesday March 2, The Times revealed that a complaint for intimidation and harassment against assistants was filed in October 2018 by Jason Knauf, then Harry and Meghan’s communications secretary In the Daily Mail, Richard Kay throws oil on the fire and reveals behind the scenes of a deleterious atmosphere

A hundred holes have appeared since the earthquakes that shook Croatia at the end of DecemberView on euronews

As he prepares to direct a biopic, Kitbag, on the French Emperor Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix in the star role, filmmaker Ridley Scott faces a wave of discontent after announcing the choice of his actress main Indeed, if he has Jodie Comer in mind to give the reply to the actor in the role of Joséphine de Beauharnais, he has voluntarily put aside their great age difference which does not at all match the historical facts.

Daughters and sons of concentration camp survivors recount their childhood with these deeply damaged parents Danièle Laufer collected the testimonies of twenty women and men, like her born to survivors of the Nazi camps All felt that the time had come for them to speak in order to

This Wednesday March 3, Christian Estrosi was alongside Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C à Vous And her daughter Bianca was in front of the television to attend the interview with the mayor of Nice, as Laura Tenoudji showed on Instagram

SpaceX has achieved the feat of landing a prototype of its Starship rocket However, the device exploded a few seconds later

In an unprecedented survey carried out for the journal “Le Droit de vivre” and the Licra, Ifop reveals a deep generational divide

Moscow warns Washington not to ‘play with fire’ after sanctions announced against top Russian officials “We will react on the basis of the principle of reciprocity,” said Russian Foreign Ministry “We will continue to defend systematically and resolutely our national interests”, underlined the Russian diplomacy, judging besides that Washington had “lost the moral right to lecture to the others”

Pauline Tantot may be in love, she does not forget to gratify her subscribers with her virtual postcards from paradise An attention that its subscribers appreciated this March 2 despite the presence of a guest in the photo

Legal guardian of his daughter Britney Spears for many years, Jamie Spears broke the silence in a statement sent to CNN The star’s father made an unexpected proposal

Star of the Marseillais, Maeva Ghennam is also a star of social networks It must be said that her sexy appearances are always very popular, and it is not that of this Thursday, March 4 that will prove the opposite.

Orlando, Dalida’s brother, spoke about recent incest revelations to the media on Jordan De Luxe’s ​​show on Non Stop People And he has a strong opinion on the matter

This Wednesday March 3, Sveva Alviti took to her Instagram account to pay tribute to Nathalie Delon, who died on January 21 A post that her husband, Anthony Delon, did not fail to share

Hortense, helped by Eliott and Célia, ends up finding who created a fake escort profile for her Teyssier learns more about Medhi’s disease and does not know what to do Louane and Ludivine do not accept the romantic relationship of their big brother

Omar bin Laden, who lives in France with his wife, is passionate about art and took advantage of the confinement to produce paintings, as he explained to Vice

US police fear possible assault on Capitol Hill by armed militia on March 4

As they renounce their status as senior members of the British royal family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will also lose their patronages And these have already found buyers

Tuesday March 2, 2021, Solange Knowles shared a new photo on her Instagram account In legend, Beyoncé’s little sister confided in all transparency about her depression in 2018

Arsène Lupine, Romain Duris, Interstellar, France 3

News – FR – Arsène Lupine (W9) – Romain Duris: “I had to learn to waltz, to do boxing”
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