News – FR – Beijing Express 2021: this essential step in the emission impacted by the coronavirus


This Tuesday, February 23, M6 kicks off the brand new season of “Beijing Express” If the adventure was able to start in Africa without a hitch, the rest of the adventure was impacted by the coronavirus crisis Thus, the production had to adapt, just like the candidates, especially during an emblematic stage of the game where they are as close as possible to the population. Non Stop People tells you more

It’s D-Day! This Tuesday, February 23, M6 kicks off the 14th season of “Beijing Express” The opportunity for viewers to find Stéphane Rotenberg at the helm of the show The latter got to know eight new pairs And this year, the adventure is starting strong, as the 16 competing candidates put their bags down in Africa and discovered THE novelty of this edition, namely the bonus car. An idea that production came up with after finding that it was very difficult to find a car in this area This was clarified by Thierry Guillaume – producer of “Beijing Express” – last December, during the press conference organized with several media – including Non Stop People – and in distancing, coronavirus requires

It’s a “special” season that the teams and the candidates have experienced this year Indeed, the global pandemic started during the filming of the show, which inevitably had an impact on the rest of the adventure. The teams had to adapt, get organized, repatriate people They managed to relaunch filming with a new route (Africa, Europe and Asia) and without changing the starting cast, and that in just a few months, six in total. “It was not an easy season, but I believe that it will suddenly be a season that is a little testimony and emblematic of all the seasons combined”, commented Stéphane Rotenberg

This pandemic has also had an impact on a step well known to fans of “Beijing Express”, namely the search for housing Did the candidates succeed, despite the rules of social distancing? “The rules were there The candidates were masked with transparent masks, even during the hitchhiking We were all very tested since we always had the risk of being qualified as a cluster by the local health authorities. We were 140 So we had a very strict health protocol between us “, replied Stéphane Rotenberg.

And to continue: “The candidates manage to find houses, but some of them, no Exceptionally, knowing that these were not dangerous countries, some could sleep outside when they really did not manage to find accommodation. This happened with a few exceptions () It was more difficult People at the table are sometimes a little more careful, they ask them to sleep in the garden or in a shed () This home search was hard, but possible “

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News – FR – Beijing Express 2021: this essential step in the program impacted by the coronavirus