News – FR – Bordeaux: on M6, the Antone bakery puts the rolls in the big ones


In the running to represent New Aquitaine in the show “The best bakery in France” on M6, Antoine Savoyardi talks about his course and pays tribute to his team

In Bordeaux, the Antone bakery is known and recognized Especially since he won this famous competition for the best chocolate in the city in 2016

“It had only been a few months since we were installed” remembers Antoine Savoyardi, the boss Incidentally, a member of his team, Alex more precisely, will participate in the competition for the best Bordeaux baguette at the end of March.

At 44 years old, the career of this man from Corsica (hence the name given to his bakery: Antone meaning Antoine in Corsica, note) is quite atypical

Presented as “baker adventurer” by the M6 ​​show, he admits that this is not really the label he wants to be stuck on him

Of course, he has traveled a lot, but that is just a plus according to him “As soon as I had four cents, I traveled In India in particular, but not only I did a lot of back and forth In Ireland too, where I started a job in the restaurant business and where I met my wife But these experiences do not define my work in its entirety This is a plus that I try to bring “

Coming back to France for good, Antoine wondered about his future “I liked to cook And I saw myself as a baker ”, he confides After several months of training, he managed to integrate a renowned Bordeaux bakery for eight years.

A great experience for him, but something was still missing And that something was the urge to run your own business, to become a boss A feeling that later became evident in his head It’s been six years since he took over this bakery at 125 rue de Laseppe in Bordeaux The latter has existed for many decades, the managers have taken turns but now Corsica has (very well) established itself there

Six years of development but above all, of permanent progress, especially on a personal level “We are always learning I am learning a lot today ” An eternal questioning of course in order to offer new products, new ranges, but also the pride of making and seeing a young talented team evolve alongside it.

“I have a young, dynamic team that sees the world of baking in the same way as I do,” he argues, not without emphasizing the rigor of his employees Beyond being appreciated by all his relatives, Antoine is also by his customers

Monday 22 February, you could find it on M6 in “The best bakery in France” If he won his duel, the show on Friday February 26, starting at 6:40 p.m., will reveal whether or not he will represent Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the final competition.

And he has all his chances as the two judges Norbert Tarayre and Bruno Cormerais appreciated the service

An adventure in which he had the chance to participate thanks to the many recommendations sent by his clients “The show contacted me two years in a row, but this third was the right one I thought it was time to go “

However, you had to choose a duo partner to participate “It could have been anyone because my team is so good I chose Tom He is top and is preparing a Master’s Certificate I have seen it evolve for several years “, explains Antoine

Above all, the boss admits to being extremely proud to see this bakery put forward in this way And above all a great emotionAll the more so when we know the efforts made to offer a service worthy of the name during the show

“We made new breads for the occasion” A rye bread with nutritional benefits and a black pudding babka … Moreover, this latest find made all Antoine employees hesitate for a long time, but in the end, the result is there

While he’s always set goals for himself, Antoine feels he doesn’t really have any more If not to travel with his family As far as her bakery is concerned, she continues on her way

With an infallible rigor as a common thread And on what we saw during the show on M6, there is nothing to be worried about there. The young guard who surrounds Antoine continues to grow, to surprise, and especially to make better this boss who lives a daydream.newspubdfpTargetingsemantic =;

1 Michel Frary, who raised 70 guinea pigs in his garden near Pont-Audemer, has died

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ANTONE Artisan Boulanger, Bordeaux

News – FR – Bordeaux: on M6, the Antone bakery puts the rolls in the big ones
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Bordeaux: on M6, the Antone bakery puts rolls into the big ones