News – FR – “C Jamy”: how YouTube gave birth to Jamy Gourmaud’s new show


The host offers a new daily knowledge and knowledge magazine from 4:55 pm on France 5 A concept inspired by his successful videos posted on the Internet since last April

To understand how “C Jamy” arrives on the public service channel, we have to go back to the beginning of the first confinement “My partner told me: ‘You absolutely have to make a daily video to ventilate the neurons of all those who are going to find themselves trapped within their four walls,” he recalls. The adventure therefore begins, first on Twitter and Instagram, then on a YouTube channel called Épicurieux, which now has more than 700000 subscribers It contains Jamy’s answers to a wide variety of questions, such as: Why is the sea salty? Why do we say “give the cat your tongue”? Or why are ducks never cold?

France 5 then offers him to think about a program as an extension of these videos The concept of “C Jamy” was born, developed with the teams of the production company Éléphant et studio “It is a magazine where we observe our daily life through the prism of knowledge,” he summarizes. The idea was to develop what had started on YouTube and make it into a TV show”

The particularity of the magazine is that it was shot in the animator’s workshop “This maintains an even greater close bond with the public,” he believes. Each program welcomes three or four columnists, who also speak from their homes. My workshop is a little too small to accommodate everyone Many sequences will have been recorded beforehand, otherwise it will be done by videoconference”

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While the gang around Jamy is currently forming, he admits that to be part of it you have to “love knowledge, love storytelling, also have a little writing talent to stand out” “You have to like to step aside in relation to the subjects we are dealing with,” he adds. For example, when we are going to devote a dossier to the moon, Camille Gaubert – journalist at Sciences et Avenir – will write a column about received ideas on births on full moon days ”

“C Jamy” is organized around four headings “C the idea” will propose a topic devoted to the environment With “Crazy”, we find the journalist Linh-Lan Dao, who tells in drawings the story of an everyday object (the Bic, the croissant, etc.) “Hot C” will decipher a news topic through three original angles On the program of this first week of broadcasting: “The fabulous story of the bear”, on World Day to save bears, February 23, or “Victor Hugo, a French hero”, the anniversary of the birth. of the famous writer being on February 26 Finally, “What is the answer?” will allow Jamy to answer questions from his Epicurieux community

“The goal is really to reach a very large audience,” he says. I have always addressed myself to a lay audience, an audience of curious people, an audience that likes to learn, whatever their age.”Along with this daily on France 5, the host continues his program on France 3 “We are in the process of preparing new issues of ‘Jamy’s World’, one of which is dedicated to love in animals,” he adds.

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News – FR – “C Jamy”: how YouTube gave birth to Jamy Gourmaud’s new program
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” C Jamy ”: how YouTube gave birth to Jamy Gourmaud’s new show
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