News – FR – Camille Kouchner “delighted with the freedom to speak” aroused by her book


Guest on the “Quotidien” program on TMC, lawyer, author of La Familia grande, livre in which she accuses her stepfather Olivier Duhamel of raping her twin brother, says she is surprised by the impact of his revelations

Camille Kouchner, who denounced the sexual assaults on her twin committed according to her by their stepfather Olivier Duhamel, said Monday she was “in awe” by the many cases that Release his book La Familia grande “I’m in awe of what’s going on,” she said on TMC’s Daily. “I am delighted with this free speech”

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“I absolutely did not expect this I still had the feeling that after, precisely, the #MeToo movement, Vanessa Springora’s book, this evolution in society () in any case I was going to be able to be heard That maybe now is the time But from there what is this echo, no I did not expect it ”, she explained La Familia grande was published in early January a year after Vanessa Springora’s Le Consentement, where this editor recounted her relationship under the influence in the 1980s when she was 14 years old with a writer who was 35 more

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Since January, the revelations of cases of sexual assault or rape have multiplied, targeting in the world of culture the actor Richard Berry, the artist Claude Là © vêque or the television producer Gà © rard Louvin “Presumably, it’s society that listens Because in any case in my book I try to show that we tried to talk for a long time So there it is, it seems to be the listening society ”, explained Camille Kouchner

The lawyer also confided in her condition during the writing of her book “It might be surprising, but when you do this memory work, to try to find the words is to accept that it was also a childhood up to a point. absolutely wonderful, and that made me cry a lot while writing it, ”she said Before adding, visibly moved: “To rediscover the joyful moments, to remember how much we all loved each other, how I was also very lucky to be surrounded by all these people »

Asked about Olivier Duhamel, who could escape prosecution thanks to the statute of limitations, the facts dating back to the 1980s, Camille Kouchner indicated that she no longer wanted even see a photo of him “I think the day he lashed out at my brother, I quit expecting something from him I don’t think I expect anything from him, ”she replied. Olivier Duhamel, whom the investigators in this case have yet to hear, has never expressed himself publicly on the facts of which he is accused in the book

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The French have other concerns than analyzing bidet water and indulging in sewers

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Stop unpacking these intimate and personal affairs, it’s unbearableLet Justice do what it must do, period

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News – FR – Camille Kouchner “delighted with the freedom of speech” prompted by her book
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