News – FR – Casteljaloux On TV, the Mourcel brothers embark on the adventure of the Beijing Express


Incredible but true, the Casteljalousains Pierre-Louis and Arnaud Mourcel are taking part in the program Pékin Express, broadcast tonight on M6An unprecedented season, full of surprises!

The Mourcel brothers become “our” heroes of Beijing Express The famous reality TV show, broadcast on M6, launches its 14th season, this Tuesday, February 23 (from 9 p.m.)

Pierre-Louis and Arnaud (26 and 25 years old) form one of the 8 pairs selected from among the 40,000 candidates

Vogue the galley, come what may! They said to themselves: “we will see where the adventure takes us “In the spa town, all eyes will be on the big boys of Thierry, well known in the sports world.

“It’s an unexpected chance for us that the production has held us back In a lifetime, this kind of experience only happens once We expected a severe test, but at this point, not at all “, agrees the elder, physiotherapist in Virazeil

Travel shapes youth So far, they have been served by all the surprises and adventures that reserve a “Beijing Express”, totally new, improbable

“The route changed during the shoot We left on March 5 from Uganda (Editor’s note: East Africa)We had to join Ethiopia to finish in Dubai in the Arab Emirates The covid-19 pandemic put the brakes on the adventure “

“We were repatriated to France In the meantime, 6 months passed before shooting resumed The production has revised the format, the layout, securing the event in terms of health, limiting itself to the continent of Europe We went back to the ordeal from September, leaving from Greece, ending up in Turkey The final taking place in Istanbul “

Against the backdrop of an epidemic, this 14th season, dubbed “On the slopes of the red earth”, was even more trying than previous editions

The candidates had to face exceptional situations: negotiating for a long time with the local authorities to be received, getting into the cars of doubly suspicious foreigners because of the health crisis, and in the same way obtaining room and board. homestay meal

The Mourcel brothers may not have found refuge with a host… Another major risk loomed over Beijing Express: fear of contracting the virus, an irremediable cause for elimination! Participants were regularly tested

The principle of the program is known to all: it is for any team to rally point A to point B on their own, by being smart, cunning, subtle

“Being tough is a fact, but it is not a guarantee of success”, admits Pierre-Louis Mourcel Le Casteljalousain also and above all emphasizes: “the part of luck Namely, waste as little time as possible when hitchhiking The kind of imponderable that you don’t handle Then make yourself understood by the motorist who has stopped to take you to the place that corresponds to the event “

Sportsmen – playing tennis and basketball – the Mourcel brothers are competitors You can imagine that they gave their best to hope to win the 100,000 euros for the winning team

The Republican therefore preserves all suspense Loaded with their rucksack and with a euro in their pocket at each stage, the casteljalousain pair is in the starting blocksnewspubdfpTargetingsemantic = [“covid”, “virus”];

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Pékin Express, M6, Casteljaloux

News – FR – Casteljaloux On TV, the Mourcel brothers embark on the adventure of the Beijing Express
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Casteljaloux On TV, the Mourcel brothers are embarking on the Beijing Express adventure
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