News – FR – Cesar 2021: the nominations have fallen


The Cesar Ceremony will be held on March 12 at the Olympia and in pre-show, in at the same time as the reopening of the rooms (if the sanitary situation allows it) Presented by Marina Foïs and chaired by Roschdy Zem, the 2021 edition will have to follow the chaotic one of last year Since then, remember that the presidency, the members of the board of directors and those of the general assembly have all been renewed, respecting parity, democracy and diversity

It’s The Things We Say, The Things We Do by Emmanuel Mouret, who finishes at the top of the nominations with thirteen mentions followed closely by Adieu les cons by Albert Dupontel and Età © 85 de François Ozon with each one less nomination Antoinette in Cà © vennes by Caroline Vignal (8 quotes) and Adolescentes by Sà © bastien Lifshitz (6) complete the top fiveÂ

Adieu les cons produced by Albert Dupontel Adolescentes produced by Sà © bastien Lifshitz Antoinette in Les Cà © vennes directed by Caroline Vignal The things we say, the things we made by Emmanuel Mouret Summer 85 realized by François Ozon

Albert Dupontel for Adieu les consMaïwenn for ADNSà © bastien Lifshitz for AdolescentesEmmanuel Mouret for The things we say, the things we doFrançois Ozon for Summer 85

Laure Calamy in Antoinette in the Cà © vennes Martine Chevallier in Deux Virginie Efira in Adieu les consCamà © lia Jordana in The Things We Say, The Things We DoBarbara Sukowa in Deux

Sami Bouajila in Un Fils Jonathan Cohen in Huge Albert Dupintel in Adieu les consNiel Schneider in The Things we say, the things we do Lambert Wilson in De GaulleÂ

Fanny Ardant in ADNValeria Bruni Tedeschi in Summer 85 Emilie Dequenne in The Things We Say, The Things We Do Noà © mie Lvovsky in The Good Wife Yolande Moreau in The Good Wife

Edouard Baer in The Good Wife Louis Garrel in ADNBenjamin Lavernhe in Antoinette in the Cà © vennes Vincent Macaigne in The Things We Say, The Things We DoNicolas Marià ©  in Adieu les cons

Mà © lissa Guers in The girl with the bracelet India Hair in Fish sex Julia Piaton in The things we say, the things we do Camille Rutherford in Felicità Fathia Youssouf in Mignonnes

Guang Huo in La Nuit Coming Fà © lix Lefebvre in Età © 85 Benjamin Voisin in Summer 85Alexandre Wetter in MissJean-Pascal Zadi in Simply blackÂ

Deux directed by Filippo MeneghettiGarçons Chiffon directed by Nicolas Maury Mignonnes directed by Maïmouna Doucourà © Simply black directed by Jean-Pascal Zadi A divan in Tunis made alisé by Manele LabidiÂ

Adolescentes Directed by Sà © bastien Lifshitz La Cravate directed by Etienne Chaillou and Mathias Thà © ryCyrille farmer, 30 years old, 20 cows, milk, butter, debts directed by Rodolphe Marconi of a look directed by Mariana Otero A country that stands wise directed by David Dufresne

Bach-Hông directed by Elsa Duhamel The Hour of the Bear directed by Agnès Patron The Odyssey of Choum directed by Julien Bisaro The Head in the Nettles Rà © alisé by Paul Cabon

Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary directed by Rà © mi Chayà © Josep directed by Aurel Petit Vampire directed by Joann Sfar

L’Aventure atomique directed by Loïc Barchà © Baltringue directed by Josza Anjembe I will be among the almond trees directed by Marie Le Floc’h No matter if the beasts die directed by Sofia Alaoui A Farewell directed by Mathilde ProfitÂ

Alexis Havyrchine for Adieu les consAntoine Parouty and Paul Guilhaume for Adolescentes Simon Beaufils for Antoinette in the Cà © vennes Laurent Desmet for The things we say, the things we doHichame Alaouià © for Summer 85Â

Jean Mimondo, Gurwal Coïc-Gallas, Cyril Holtz for Adieu les consYolande Decarsin, Jeanne Delplancq,  Fanny Martin, Olivier Goinard for AdolescentesGuillaime Valeix, Fred Demolder, Jean-Paul Hurier for Antoinette in the Cévennes Maxime Gavaudan , François Mereu, Jean-Paul Hurier for The Things We Say, The Things We DoBrigitte Taillandier, Juliern Roig,  Jean-Paul Hurier for Età © 85

Christophe Pinel for Adieu les consTina Baz for Adolescentes Annette Dutertre for Antoinette in the Cà © vennes Martial Salomon for The Things we say, the things we do Laure Gardette for Summer 85

Mimi Lempickaour Farewell consMadeline Fontaine for La Bonne wife Hà © lène Davoudian for The things we say, the things we do Anaïs Romand and Sergio Ballo for De Gaulle Pascaline Chavanne for Summer 85

Carlos Conti for Adieu les consThierry François for The Good Wife David Faivre for The Things We Say, The Things We DoNicolas de Boiscuillà © for De Gaulle Benoît Barouh for Summer 85

Christophe Julien for Adieu les consStephen Warbreck for ADN Mateï Bratescot for Antoinette in the Cà © vennes Jean-Benoît Dunckel for Summer 85Rone for La Nuit ComingÂ

Olivier Assayas for Cuban NetworkHannelore Cayre, Jean-Paul Salomà © for La DaronneFrançois Ozon for Summer 85Stà © phane Demoustier for La Fille au bracelet Eric Barbier for Petit Pays

Albert Dupontel for Adieu les cons Caroline Vignal for Antoinette in the Cà © vennes Emmanuel Mouret for The Things We Say, the Things We Do Filippo Meneghetti and Malysone Bovorasmy for Deux Benoît Delà © pine and Gustave Kervern for Erase historyÂ

1917 Directed by Sam Mendes The Communion Directed by Jan Komasa Dark Waters Directed by Todd Haynes Drunk Directed by Thomas Vinterberg Eva in August Directed by Jonas Trueba

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César Awards, 2021, Emmanuel Mouret, Albert Dupontel, César Award for Best Actress

News – FR – César 2021: the nominations have fallen