News – FR – Controversy at “The Voice”: rapper The Vivi dismissed by production


Big sound and chills In the episode of “The Voice” broadcast on Saturday, February 20, the four coaches turned to the powerful performance of The Vivi For the blind auditions, this 21-year-old rapper had chosen to cover “Social Suicide”, a provocative title from Orelsan which allowed him to join the team of Vianney, new juror of the show But that’s not necessarily what TF1 viewers will remember The day after the broadcast of the show, messages from this atypical candidate posted on Twitter resurfaced, immediately igniting the Web. And beyond

Racist jokes, sexist remarks, homophobic comments or allusions to pedophilia… five tweets dating from 2017 are particularly singled out Faced with this bad buzz, The Vivi takes the pen on Instagram, Sunday at 8:50 p.m.

“Since this morning, I see old tweets that stand out that I wrote when I was 17 years old, he writes Rereading these messages, I feel a sense of shame These are schoolyard comments from an inconsistent teenager that chill my spine I didn’t mean a word of what I wrote “And he adds:” I beg forgiveness to all the people that I could offend with these shameful messages “In the process, The Vivi deleted his Twitter account

A controversy that seems to go beyond Vincent, his real first name Contacted this Monday morning, he does not wish to expand on the subject “I am supposedly misogynist, racist or whatever But I don’t have a head that big to be all this I am nothing at all These tweets are taken out of context »Then he ends the discussion, assuring that he will speak more in the coming days.

In the meantime, ITV Studios France, which manufactures the telecrochet, has decided on its fate: exit The Vivi A decision taken in agreement with TF1 “We were extremely shocked by these tweets which are the opposite of the values ​​of inclusion and tolerance advocated by The Voice, as evidenced by the diversity of talents, specifies the production. These messages are also contrary to the commitments made by the talents when they participate in The Voice. The Vivi immediately offered a heartfelt apology on her Instagram account But these messages remain incompatible with our values ​​and with its participation in the program which ends today “

End of story? Not for lawyer Jérémie Assous, who specializes in contracts for candidates for TV shows The latter denounces an “illegal decision”, which he even qualifies as “unfair dismissal” “The sanction of production is even more severe than the law which provides that a criminal record is erased at 18 years, he insists You can’t blame a young adult for things he said when he was a minor It doesn’t matter how much nonsense there is, whether it’s heavy or abject humor as Charlie Hebdo can do when they caricature the Pope sodomizing a child What is the next step? The ban on being rude? We have the right to shock and to be zero “

This scenario is reminiscent of another, that the singer Mennel in 2018 The controversy had started, there too, of the social networks where Internet users had found old messages of the candidate going back to July 2016, and erased since, after the attacks of Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray Mennel accused the government of being “the real terrorists” and questioned the Nice attack. She had also shared on Facebook publications of Tariq Ramadan or Dieudonné But unlike The Vivi, it was she who announced her withdrawal from the show, after an apology

At the time, the producer and broadcaster of “The Voice” had no choice If they had landed the young woman against her will, she could have taken the case to justice and succeeded “It would have been a crime of opinion and a real discrimination Mennel was just sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, where conspiracy is the new supreme crime ”, Me Jérémie Assous told us. Whether The Vivi went far on the show remains to be seen For Mennel, ITV had cut its recorded performances in advance, as is the case for the young rapper

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News – FR – Controversy to “The Voice”: rapper The Vivi dismissed by the production