News – FR – Covid-19: MP for the North, Paul Christophe, calls for a “strong reaction” in Dunkirk to “slow down the coming wave”


The Alpes-Maritimes are partially reconfigured due to a high rate of Covid-19 In other regions, such as Dunkirk, the situation is also worrying and some local elected officials, like MP Paul Christophe, are asking the government to act.

Nice, which received a visit from the Minister of Health this weekend, will be partially reconfigured, just like the rest of the Alpes-Maritimes coast Guest of franceinfo on Tuesday February 23, Paul Christophe, deputy for the 14th district of the North, member of the Agir-ensemble group, called for a “strong reaction” from the government to “slow down the wave that is coming” In Dunkirk, there are 900 positive cases for Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to 700 in Nice,

Paul Christophe: We have tested more recently, but it should be remembered that the alert threshold is 250 cases, so we are well above We have 70% English variant, it increases The peculiarity is that this variant is much more contaminating and that it kills more at the same time, so we have a lot more arrivals to emergencies. We are saturated with hospitalizations for Covid, in intensive care but also in dedicated services There is therefore a strong reaction to implement

I was online yesterday morning with Olivier Véran to share our concern About ten days ago, we tried a first alert The situation was already starting to develop, we were around 600 cases per 100,000, today we are at 900 At the time, we were already advocating an early closure of schools and colleges There is a wave coming and we are trying to stop this spread and ensure that we do not contaminate the rest of the territory either.

He told us about his concern about the health situation in the North Should we duplicate the same measures as in Nice? It’s a reflection that’s on the table He told me that a Defense Council was going to be organized to settle the situation. We remain in expectation to this day

That’s a good question Nice is perhaps a slightly more major tourist destination compared to what we live in Dunkirk However, the Dunkirk beaches are the destination beaches for the entire Lille basin. The Nord department is the most populous in France with 2.6 million inhabitants and as such, when the weather is nice, people come to the beaches of Dunkirk. So we also have a mix of populations We also note that we are a crossroads: we are connected with the United Kingdom, Belgium, we are a transit territory These are aggravating factors


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Olivier Véran, Paul Christophe, Dunkirk

News – FR – Covid-19: the deputy from the North, Paul Christophe, calls for a “strong reaction” in Dunkirk to “slow down the wave incoming”
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Covid-19: the deputy for the North, Paul Christophe, calls for a " strong reaction" in Dunkirk for " curb the wave that