News – FR – Emmanuel Macron meets farmers in Côte-d’Or


In the absence of an agricultural show, canceled due to a health crisis, Emmanuel’s agricultural “com pol” session Macron takes place this morning in Étaules, in Côte-d’Or The President of the Republic arrived this Tuesday morning in this village of Côte-d’Or located about fifteen kilometers from Dijon

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has arrived in Étaules, in Côte-d’Or On the program: visit to a mixed-crop farm, focused on short circuits, then a round table discussion on the agro-food chain peaktwittercom / KZRNBQEODs

After his trip to a farm in the Eure, in January, the President of the Republic intends, once again, to demonstrate “his interest” in the agricultural world To do so, in previous years, Emmanuel Macron used to spend an entire day – 12 hours last year – at the largest trade fair in France, meeting players from the different sectors of agriculture and ‘food

Visit to E #Macron in Côte-d’Or: the 25 journalists present are asked to wait behind this barrier No speech is planned in front of journalists Only about twenty people are authorized to accompany him, including elected officials and parliamentarians peaktwittercom / 0XHkzeWP8M

But for lack of an Agricultural Show in 2021, “this year, the show is at home”, smiled Alexandre Estivalet, welcoming the president to the Étaules farm on Tuesday morning He is one of the four heads of operations

It was he who guided the Head of State, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie, for the visit of this family farm in mixed farming and breeding Farm that works, in particular, in short circuits This farm covers more than 500 hectares and has 450 sheep and pigs, horses and also cultivates vegetables and oilseeds.

Emmanuel Macron visits the Étaules farm with Alexandre Estivalet, one of the four farm managers His farm is on the verge of obtaining the hve3 (high environmental value) standard to produce quality wheat as part of the ecological transition peaktwittercom / JYBqScMwAt

In its small direct sales store, 30 square meters large and created three years ago, the Étaules farm also sells products from many producers in the region People who come from Dijon must be able to find everything: from butter to crème fraîche, including meat or wine.

Alexandre Estivalet explained to our reporter on Tuesday morning that 100% of pigs raised on the farm are processed and sold on site Alexandre Estivalet manages to sell his pigs at a better price than if he sent them to the slaughterhouse For him, the Egalim law *, supposed to rebalance the margins, does not yet work well enough He believes that the constraints must apply to the entire industry and that pressure must be increased on distributors who are constantly “pulling prices down”

On this subject, Emmanuel Macron chaired, from midday, a round table with various actors in the agro-food chain The goal: to define “a better distribution of value between the various links in the agro-food chain”, according to the presidencyThis debate was moderated by Serge Papin, the former boss of Système U commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture to work on this subject.

After greeting the participants, Emmanuel Macron launches the debates On food sovereignty, the president pays tribute to the farmers who “fed the country during the first confinement”, “we must fight for a return to fair value among producers” peaktwittercom / 5Or3F3dOwi

* Egalim Law, known as the Law “for the balance of commercial relations in the agricultural sector and healthy and sustainable food” was promulgated on November 1, 2018 This law is the result of the States General of Food which took place in 2017

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News – FR – Emmanuel Macron meets farmers in Côte-d ‘ Gold
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