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This night again, on the Foumbot-Bangangte axis, many Cameroonians lost their lives, others were taken away in surrounding health centers The bus driver made it safe and sound

Atrocious images of these men who try as best they can to get the accident victims out of the completely crumpled bodywork, the cries of distress of the survivors, covered in blood and who obviously fail to understand what is happening to them , lifeless bodies taken out and deposited on the asphalt, in short a vision of horror

Until this time, we do not know the exact circumstances that led to this other tragedy, a few months after the tragedy which claimed the lives of people who, without knowing what to expect, chose to ” take one of the vehicles of this agency which serves the route de l’Ouest

It was on December 29, 2020 that the inter-urban travel agency “Ets Avenir Voyage Sarl” was suspended for a month, after the serious accident that occurred on the night of December 26 to 27 of the same year

The decision was taken by Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe – Minister of Transport as a precaution, for a period of thirty days (one month)

Today, we want to ask ourselves the question of what happened to those responsible for this accident, which had taken place at the level of the “Pont Nomale”, in the locality of Ndikiniméki, simply because the first elements of the investigation mentioned a speeding ticket by the bus driver

Even more, the boss of Transports du Cameroun had written in his press release that the “provisional suspension has no impact on the administrative and judicial sanctions likely to be imposed on” Ets Avenir Voyage Sarl “at the end of the investigations in progress, in accordance with the regulations in force ”

A few hours after the fatal accident occurred last night, the debates resumed strongly on social networks If some point an accusing finger at the Minister of Transport who authorized the reopening of this travel agency, others blame the managers of this last company, advancing as arguments: the state of the car, the number of visits technique done, the morality of the drivers…

Another question torments the minds, what can explain the fact that the drivers, responsible for these hecatombs always come out unscathed while because of their inconsistency, many families lose one or several loved ones

Worse still, they are the same ones that we find sitting behind the steering wheels, after a few days of suspension

According to customs sources, the precious metal was concealed in the luggage belonging to a Chinese national from…

This is what emerges from the traditional address of the Head of State to the youth on the evening of the 55th …

This is at least one of the main information contained in the press release signed on Monday by Manaouda Malachie – Minister of…

The announcement was made by “Captain Courage” in person on Monday, during a signing ceremony …

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News – FR – Fatal accident: Barely reopened the travel agency “Avenir Voyages” kills other people – news from Cameroon – Cameroon Press Agency