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FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 2-0! It’s over, the French team won, like Saturday, two goals against Switzerland, thanks to a double from Wendie Renard!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 2-0! BUUUUUUTTT FOR THE BLUES !! Renard transforms the penalty with a flat with the perfect right foot, Friedli started on the right side but cannot stop this shot! The double for the French defender, her third goal in these two matches against Switzerland!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Penalty for the France team! Diani is hooked in the box, the referee whistles very logically!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 The French women still very high at the end of the match, they remain vigilant not to be caught up

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Les Bleues are off to a good start in a 15th unbeaten game They would thus equal the record of invincibility of France, established under Bergeroo between 2013 and 2014

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Bernauer also gets a yellow for pulling the jersey of the Parisienne on the same action

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Finally a card released by the referee, the yellow against Widmer, including the tackle from behind on Morroni, who had overtaken him.

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Change for the France team, Sandie Toletti, who still convinced this evening, gives way to Ella Palis, who also honors her first selection!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Coumba Sow makes its debut in place of Mauron for Switzerland!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Excellent free kick obtained by the Blue, full axis at 17 meters, Toletti’s strike is deflected just above the goal, for a corner

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0 Renard’s 26th goal in the French jersey! Les Bleues who have seen their defenders register 6 of the last 9 goals!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 1-0! BUUUUUUUUTTT FOR THE BLUES !! Like Saturday, Wendie Renard opens the scoring, with a header, on this corner hit by Perisset, at close range, in the axis! Finally, the Habs are taking the lead!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Umpteenth head of Wendie Renard in the area, it is not on target again

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0! Diani lacks promptitude on this center of Khelifi extended to the far post! The French players are asking for a hand from a Swiss woman, who was there, as confirmed by the slow motion!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Tenth corner obtained in this match by France, right side this time

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Long shot from Toletti, it’s deflected out of the frame, corner coming left

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Toletti groans, logically, after being hooked in midfield New foul whistled by the referee who still does not address a card

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Corner well taken by Perisset, Renard is found of the head at the near post but his attempt passes just above!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Corner obtained by Diani on the right side The Blues push, again and again, but are still held in check for the moment

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Rinast replaces Aigbogun

Two changes for Switzerland: Folmli leaves, Marti returns

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Khelifi’s hit too crushed, on his first ball! Freidli can lie on the ball and calm things down

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Kadidiatou Diani makes his debut in place of Malard

Two new changes for the Blue: Geyoro gives way to Khelifi, who honors his first selection with the A

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Tounkara’s header at the far post !! She misses, and misses Freidli’s goal

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Corner conceded on the left by the Swiss

Double change for Switzerland now: Kiwic replaces Reuteler

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Control missed by Cascarino along the right sideline, Aigbogun gets the touch in stride

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Friedli deflects Fox’s head on his bar then !!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0! What a parry by Friedli on this pivoting shot from Malard’s left in full surface !! Corner to follow for the Blue!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 The entries of Cascarino and Baltimore allow the Blue to take more depth on the sides Still missing that penultimate gesture that would make the difference

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Les Bleues have been besieging the opposing last 30 meters for a few minutes Still without finding the fault

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Baltimore, then Cascarino, the two players who entered the break, saw their shot blocked by the Swiss defense!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Good percussion from Baltimore on the left side, before a malignant pass for Toletti on the left in the box Corner obtained by France

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Big Buhler stamp on Geyoro in midfield, still no card released by the referee

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Baltimore crosses from the left towards Malard in the area, it’s behind the Lyonnaise then Toletti makes a mistake

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Still no card out in this part, while the faults multiply, the referee is for the moment very passive

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 And Delphine Cascarino made her debut in place of Clara Matéo!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Two changes at the break on the French side: Sandy Baltimore replaced Amel Majri

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Beginning of the second period, it is France which kicks off!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 No additional time, the French and Swiss are back to back at the break!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Malard takes Majri’s free kick from the head into the box, the ball goes over

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 The free kick did not give anything for Switzerland, which finished better this first act

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Avalanche of faults on the French side, interesting new free kick, in the axis about thirty meters from the goal of Peyraud-Magnin, to play for the Swiss

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Free kick totally missed by Bachmann! The ball goes straight out in six meters

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Dangerous free kick conceded by Perisset following this foul on Reuteler, in front of the tricolor area, eccentric to the left

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Majri tries once again to find Renard on a free kick, but this ball is a little too high, even for the Lyonnaise at meter 87! Six meters

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Things heat up between Renard and several Swiss players on this right-sided corner for France, the OL player logically reproached her vis-à-vis a nudge!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Friedli’s parade !! The French pressing again very high in the opposing camp, Geyoro took the opportunity to serve Toletti back in the area, whose right strike came out of the left hand by the Swiss goalkeeper

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 “Get out” urges Corinne Deacon to some of her players, while the Swiss play back But the tricolor pressing is less and less high

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Offside position whistled against Xhemaili, who had taken alone in the surface of the head this ball on free kick

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 The Blue have only scored one of their 3 strikes attempted so far!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Foul then obtained by Morroni, well back in front of Bachmann as Switzerland tried to counter-attack after this ball lost by Toletti

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Umpteenth free kick obtained by Majri, near the touchline on the left, nearly 40 meters from the opposing goal

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Whistled offside position against Melvine Malard

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 France continues its sterile domination in this first half hour, touch obtained on the left again, up to the opposing surface

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Majri finds Renard six meters at the far post, the Lyonnaise fails to frame her head, six meters

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Free kick struck by Majri, pushed back with the head by the Swiss defense, who commits a new fault, on Toletti, in front of the area, eccentric to the left, in stride

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Rough foul and good free kick obtained, on the left of the area, by Majri!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 The Blue got a corner then, right side Malard is found at the near post but she can only deflect the ball with a header, without finding a partner

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Mateo’s strike countered !! Well launched by Majri to the right, she sees Reuteler tackle in front of her in the box, to prevent her from opening the scoring!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Still no Swiss firing in this part

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Amel Majri takes care of this corner kick, it is directly on Friedli who captures the ball

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 New corner obtained on the left by the Blue

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Good intervention from Friedli, who captures this cross from Matéo in front of Malard six meters away, in the air!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 The Habs push, but poorly adjusted pass from Geyoro to Majri in the box, and the Swiss can free themselves

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Matéo misses his shot from the right at the entrance of the surface after this ballooned mess by the Swiss defense, but the ball goes far above! Six meters

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 As almost always, Renard received the ball in the box, the Lyonnaise’s shot was blocked for a corner, left side!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Foul on Toletti and a good free kick obtained by the Levante player, about thirty meters from the opposing goal

The Nati tried to alert their attackers, but this ball goes directly into the tricolor area where Peyraud-Magnin clears the ball

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Geyoro !! The center-shot of the Parisian after a good one-two with Matéo on the right side, the ball passes in front of the goal and Friedli was almost surprised

Ball for the moment monopolized by the French, but no opportunity on either side in this match

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Toletti puts the ball in touch as Bachmann remains on the ground in midfield after contact with Tounkara The Parisienne finally gets up

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Touch that did not give anything, attempt against the French but ball recovered by the players of Nils Nielsen

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Touch obtained by the Swiss, on the right, at the level of the tricolor surface

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 The Swiss are suffocated from the outset France recovers a lot of balls in the Nati camp

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 Perisset overflows on the right side into the box, her center is blocked by Aigbogun, then the Bordelaise touches the ball before it goes out in six meters!

FRANCE – SWITZERLAND: 0-0 On what we see at the start of the match, it is Grace Geyoro who occupies an unusual place as second attacker, while the Blue are placed high in the opposing camp of entry.

Let’s go !! The kick-off is given by Switzerland, in white tonight!

In its history, France has won 13 of its 22 matches played against Switzerland, currently 19th in the Fifa rankings, for only 4 defeats!

The French women’s team which is on a series of 14 matches without defeats (12 wins, 2 draws)

On the French side, Nils Nielsen made 4 changes in his starting XI compared to Saturday’s match Parisian Ramona Bachmann is still lined up at the forefront of a 4-2-3-1

The composition of the Swiss: Friedli – Aigbogun, Stierli, Bühler, Hurni – Mauron, Bernauer – Reuteler, Xhemaili, Fölmli – Bachmann

Here is the composition of Les Bleues! After the 3-4-3 set up on Saturday, Corinne Deacon chose this time to line up a 4-4-2, with 5 changes of players Uncertainty all the same on the placement of Grace Geyoro, announced in attack while Matéo is in the middle

The composition of the French team: Peyraud-Magnin – Morroni, Renard, Tounkara, Perisset – Majri, Bilbault, Toletti, Matéo – Malard, Geyoro

This match will put an end to the funny gathering of the Bleues, initially gathered for the tournament of France, canceled due to Covid

Three days after their victory against the Helvetii (2-0), the Bleues are back in the heat!

Hello everyone on Eurosportfr and welcome to follow this friendly match between France and Switzerland LIVE at the Saint-Symphorien stadium in Metz! Start of the meeting at 9:10 p.m.!

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France, Corinne Diacre, Switzerland

News – FR – France (F) – Switzerland (F) live – February 23, 2021 – Eurosport
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