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At the heart of a terrible negative series, the Girondins have been blaming themselves since the match in Lyon and also Otavio’s injury A fact recalled to the Bordeaux coach at a press conference:

“It’s the problem of these essential players who, I remind you, we are looking for the little beast Some criticized a slightly discreet forward game for example but when you lose your heart of the game which are 13kms each to all matches – with qualities and faults – they remain people who run for others They know it and are there for others At the time, the fact that they recovered the ball to pass it on to the teammate, we do not realize it, but it is when they are not there that we see that they are missing We find that the adversary crosses us easily When you don’t have a player to furnish, there you suffer”

Also questioned about Jean-Michaël Seri, Jean-Louis Gasset recalled the accuracy of his workforce before this recruitment following a wear injury from his Brazilian midfielder followed by that of Basic:

“He has a different profile He will have to do violence to himself First, it’s gonna have to fill up It’s been a long time since he played, it will come back little by little He’s got a different style from Otavio, they could’ve played together in the middle And if we had had one more player in the middle we could have rested Otavio and Basic Maybe we wouldn’t be there today But for 6 months we pulled on the rope and in the end we hurt both”

Laurent Koscielny: “An average atmosphere, there are some good guys and some not so good”

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News – FR – Girondins33 – Jean-Louis Gasset: “We wouldn’t be maybe not here today ”
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