News – FR – Grenoble: Eric Piolle takes a new anti-pesticide decree


The environmentalist mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle announced on Monday February 22 that he had taken a new anti-pesticide decree on new legal bases in order to circumvent the pitfall of a previous decision deemed illegal by the Council of State

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In December, the highest administrative court had confirmed that it was not within the power of the mayor to ban the use of pesticides in his municipality, ending a legal and political battle of © hit by the former mayor of Langouà «t in Ille-et-Villaine in May 2019 The mayor of Grenoble had, like many municipalities, followed Daniel Cueff and issued an anti-pesticide decree, triggering a vast debate in France on the use of pesticides and their impact on humans and the environment

But the decision of the Council of State threatens to suspend the initial text, and the mayor EELV has decided to modify it by moving its legal basis “This new decree is limited to prohibiting harm to others by the discharge of plant protection substances outside the plot for which they are intended and to remind that these substances become, under these conditions, waste”, explains the city of Grenoble in a press release “The police powers attributed to the mayor to act on neighborhood disturbances and waste give us full competence”, explains Eric Piolle, quoted in the press release

The city of Grenoble considers itself to be the first major city to put in place such a text “on the basis of the rules of ownership and the regulation of waste” after s the small town of La Montagne, in Loire-Atlantique “It was urgent to use a new tool to protect the population from these extremely harmful products,” said Eric Piolle, figure of the Europe-Ecology party the Greens (EELV) approached to present himself at the Presidential election of 2022

 «Pesticide substances that settle in the waters, gardens, homes, lungs of people without their knowledge are polluting waste Those who issue them are therefore responsible for controlling and eliminating them, ”he continues. “With this update of our order, we hope to pave the way for other orders of the same type in the municipalities of the country in order to continue the fight against pesticides”, adds Eric Piolle

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it’s finely argued, and it seems relevant; we must continue to resist pesticides by all means!

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News – FR – Grenoble: Eric Piolle takes a new anti-pesticide decree
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