News – FR – Haute-Savoie: four members of the GMHM open a route in the west face of the Drus, “mythical wall” of the Alps


Four members of the High Mountain Military Group have opened a route in the west face of the Drus, one of the most famous wall in the Alps They arrived at the summit on Sunday, at an altitude of over 3,000 meters

Four days of expedition to open the way in the north-west face of the Drus, in the Mont-Blanc massif Four members of the Chamonix High Mountain Military Group (GMHM) set off to attack this legendary alpine wall Thursday, February 18 It is described as “the purest, the most coveted, one of the most beautiful” rock faces in the Alps by the climber François Labande, co-founder of Mountain Wilderness

“The four climbers reached the summit on Sunday around 5 pm in a violent wind,” says the battalion commander Jacques-Olivier Chevallier, head of the GMHM, a military group made up of mountain and extreme cold experts from the army of Earth Monday morning, they were still coming down after an eventful expedition due to the arrival of the Sirocco “It’s a mythical wall, he describes. Traditionally, the press closely followed each ascent of the west face of the Drus.”

Blame it on the health context, the enthusiasm has not been the same this year But to compensate, the military broadcast the opening of this channel live on YouTube for three days. Dozens of hours of recording and as many thousands of views In these videos, the four climbers tell about their sometimes difficult ascent”It’s chaos We arrived at a sordid bivouac “, tells one of them during their last night before arriving at the top of the Drus (3 754 m)

The mercury has dropped to -10 ° C “These are rather mild temperatures, however assures Jacques-Olivier Chevallier When they opened the Blast route in the northwest face of the Aiguille de Blaitière, they faced temperatures down to -20 ° C”Track openings which follow one another in the Alps, for lack of being able to organize expeditions abroad

The soldiers of the GMHM have ants in the crampons since the beginning of the health crisis which has led to the cancellation of all their expeditions outside France “What the GMHM is looking for is not always found in the Mont-Blanc massif The soldiers will look for novelty, routes not yet cleared “, continues the head of the military group An immersion in the heart of the massif in the middle of winter remains “the best way to make up for the lack of expedition”.

The last track opening on the west face of Les Drus dates back to 2008 It was performed by mountaineers Jean-Yves Fredriksen and Martial Dumas These feats of arms have become scarce since the successive landslides of recent years, in particular the collapse of the Bonnatti pillar in 2005.

In the Chamonix valley, the battalion commander Jacques-Olivier Chevallier is still waiting for the four soldiers, going downhill after a last bivouac below the summit on Sunday evening “It will be 100% a success when my guys are eating pizza with us,” he said, while waiting for the military to return to dry land.

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News – FR – Haute-Savoie: four members of the GMHM open a route in the west face of the Drus, ” mythical wall of the Alps