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Political activist Rachid Nekkaz was allegedly attacked by police in Mostaganem, according to a video posted on his Facebook page on Monday February 22 The video shows the activist lying in the backseat of a vehicle en route to hospital

This video was filmed in a vehicle One of the people accompanying Rachid Nekkaz claims that the police in Mostaganem “unlawfully assaulted them” She also claims that the activist felt unwell following “this assault by the police in Mostaganem” The author of the video added that they (Nekkaz and the occupants of the vehicle, editor’s note) were “on their way to the city hospital without knowing what are the consequences of this attack on a person with cancer”, indicating that they were followed by a police car

The person who filmed this scene, visibly very touched, wished to recall the illness of Rachid Nekkaz as well as his calls to build a rule of law Note that in this video, the quality of which suddenly deteriorated, we cannot clearly distinguish Rachid Nekkaz, the latter lying on his stomach

Several sources also claim that Rachid Nekkaz was arrested after speaking at the citizens’ rally in Mostaganem

It should be remembered that Rachid Nekkaz claimed after his release on February 19 that he had received no pardon “I am very happy to be free but know that I am free only on a provisional basis, I was not pardoned because I was not tried I have not been sentenced, so I cannot be pardoned “The activist also decided to file a complaint for the negligence he suffered “My lawyers are preparing a complaint that will be lodged with the Supreme Court and the Human Rights Committee in the coming days,” he said

Rachid Nekkaz was released after 443 days of detention in Koléa prison, west of Algiers, and then in El Abiodh prison, in Sidi Cheikh

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a sign for him, that is to say, shave the walls and stop your interventions in front of the cameras, otherwise …Hope he is careful

We are not in a state of righteousness, where the first freedom is to be able to express oneself without fear of being brutally attacked

How does NEKKAZ, still alive, hide his face from the camera, used to editing shots?

since he was wrongly jailed without “reasons” and released on bail, put her on hold for his safety

Remember me

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News – FR – Hirak: Rachid Nekkaz was allegedly attacked by the police in Mostaganem (Video)
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