News – FR – I just wanted to go home (France 2) – Yves Rénier: “I want those who still think that Patrick Dils is guilty to see this film”


Over time and the adventures of Commissioner Moulin, Yves Rénier has forged a solid and weathered hero image, like a Clint Eastwood! And, like him, he became a committed director After adapting the autobiographies of Véronique Vasseur, former prison doctor, and Martine Monteil, former head of the criminal squad, he became interested in that of Patrick Dils, I just wanted to go home (Michel Lafon) The story of this young man who spent fifteen years in prison for the murder of two children before being acquitted upset him: “The clumsiness and errors of the investigation, such as the destruction of the elements which would have made it possible to ‘exonerate Patrick got me stuck We feel that the police held their culprit and did not want to budge Realize, Inspector Varlet, in charge of the case, maintains, still sure today, that Dils is guilty, and the family of one of the victims too Me, this film … “His voice chokes, and Yves Rénier, during this presentation to the press, stifles a sob

The gentleman opposite (Gulli) – Yves Rénier: “I wanted to destroy the macho image of Commissioner Moulin”

I think I like it (Ciné Club) Sandrine Bonnaire: “I am far from being sinister”

Koh-Lanta (TF1) Moussa: “I will participate as long as I have not won the winner’s trophy”

Teheiura eliminated: “As long as I can walk, I will not refuse Koh-Lanta” (TF1)

Grand Hôtel (TF1) Alain-Fabien Delon: “Like Xavier, I do not reflect what I am”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed to the world that they are waiting for a happy event The former Suits actress covered up her pregnancy for many months

It’s a shocked and taken aback Lola Marois that her fans found on Instagram on Friday February 19 While Jean-Marie Bigard’s wife was basking in her bath, some of her fans had the bad idea to offer her a method to relax more: take drugs

For a few days now, Olivier Véran has been alerting to the rising figures of the Covid-19 epidemic, while in parallel, new measures, at the national level, could be decided next week

Tonight on Arte, Daniel Day-Lewis is a lawless prospector in There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson It is one of the last roles of the British actor who ended his career in 2017.

Due to the pandemic Queen Elizabeth II was forced to cancel a large number of official ceremonies Among them: the celebration of the Commonwealth, initially scheduled for March 8

On February 12, Vitaa confided in the Clique show about her friend Diam’s And once again, her confidences are cold in the back The singer notably returned to an expression that the former artist used to say: that fame was a “curse”

A mother and daughter were disturbed when a strange circle of black smoke appeared above their home in Washington

A former staff member at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC reveals details of quirks demanded by former US president when he came to dinner

Friday February 19, Pauline Tantot published new pictures in which she strikes a pose dressed in her best outfit: nothing! Needless to say that its subscribers legitimately appreciated the publication…

Sunday February 21, Gina Maria Schumacher posted a funny photo on her Instagram account It’s a very special weekend for the daughter of former Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher

From the navigator Alain Colas to the French businessman Bernard Tapie, the Phocéa, a sailboat built for solo offshore racing and transformed into a luxury yacht, had an incredible destiny to end up sunk off the coast of the Malaysia

Prince William “furious” at his brother’s behavior in the Megxit story? This is in any case what some sources close to the latter report.

With the cold, the most famous waterfalls in the world, in Niagara, have partly frozen, to the delight of visitors

Happy in her family life, Jesta Hillmann has decided to reveal to her fans the face of her second baby boy named Adriann, this Sunday, February 21 on Instagram

Frank Kessié has become one of the main leaders of AC Milan, on the pitch and in the dressing room One of the star players of the Rossoneri who, against all odds, remain in the race for the Scudetto RFI interviewed the Ivorian on the eve of the derby against Inter, Sunday February 21, in what will be the big poster of the 23rd day of Serie A The midfielder, nicknamed “Il Presidente”, launches the charge for a duel that promises to be very heated With Matteo Cioffi, RFI sports correspondent in Italy “If I were president of AC Milan “We are not there yet, but Franck Kessié has nevertheless taken on a new dimension within the Lombard club A valuable asset for Milan in the title race, including an important chapter today this Sunday, February 21 at San SiroTen years later, the two Milanese clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan, find themselves again on the first two steps of the Italian league standings This Saturday, on the eve of the “derby della Madonnina”, Antonio Conte’s Nerazzurri are in the lead with 50 points, while Stefano Pioli’s Rossoneri are just behind with 49 units. A very special context with Milanese determined not to let their eternal rivals slip away Before this explosive derby, Franck Kessié, the Ivorian international of AC Milan, confides at the microphone of RFIFranck, is there something that scares you about this Inter? I don’t like that word “fear” because it sounds like war Of course Inter are a very good team She has top players, but we don’t consider ourselves inferior We will face him as we did in the first leg, with tactics and quality, trying to be careful especially at the defensive level This strategy allowed us to win this match (2-1 on October 17, doubled by Zlatan Ibrahimovic against a goal by Romelu Lukaku, editor’s note)Which nerazzurri players do you personally appreciate the most? It’s hard to say, there are several, even if their strong point is represented by the collective If I have to choose someone, then I would say Roberto Gagliardini and Stefano Sensi, with whom I played at Atalanta Bergamo and Cesena respectivelyWill this derby be decisive for the title race? It is surely a special challenge, but we have learned that all games are now decisive Every opponent in this championship must be faced with the same level of focus From now on, we cannot afford to lose points, whether against Inter or any other teamWhy are you nicknamed the “President?” Simply because one day at the Milanello sports center, without realizing it, I parked my car in the place reserved for the club’s CEO! And now my teammates, who saw the scene, started calling me that It puts a good mood between usThe arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has really changed the soul of your team What has the Swede brought to the squad since returning to the club? Definitely his experience Someone who played for big clubs and won lots of trophies He has this ability to take the team on his shoulders, especially in difficult times, and show each of us the right pathIf against Inter the referee calls a penalty in your favor, who will hit it? Zlatan remains the first choice, because for an attacker, a goal gives confidence Then if he decides it’s my turn to do it, then I’m absolutely ready

This Saturday, February 20 is a special day for Mélanie Laurent: the 37-year-old actress celebrated her birthday Very discreet about her private life, the Parisian actress has rebuilt her life in Los Angeles, with her children and her mysterious American darling.

It’s a mysterious case that was settled thanks to Russian mediation Young Israeli woman who fled to Syria on her own is back in Israel Israelis in exchange freed two shepherds, reduced sentence for two security prisoners But a big secret surrounds this exchange With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Michel Paul This is the headline that crosses the front pages of Haaretz, the opposition daily in Israel The acquisition of hundreds of thousands of doses of Russian vaccine Sputnik V for President Assad’s regime in Syria in exchange for the young IsraeliAnd Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s explanations are elusive “I can say that no Israeli vaccine was delivered in this case No We repatriated the young woman I’m glad we got to make it I thank President Putin And, at the request of Russia, I will not add anything I respect this request The young Israeli repatriated via Moscow is currently being questioned by the Shin Bet, the internal security service in Israel Those around her, it is said that the young woman is not mentally stable and that she is not on her first attemptOpposition calls this strange affair a gigantic electoral manipulation by the Israeli Prime Minister, just one month before the legislative newsIn military circles another question is asked: how an untrained person was able relatively easily to cross the Israeli defense lines on its border with Syria? ► Also read: Israel and Syria have exchanged prisoners under the auspices of the Russia

The hospitalization of Prince Philip, 99, “is a precautionary measure on the advice of his royal highness doctor, after he felt unwell,” Buckingham Palace assured

With her cover of “Dying on the Stage” by Dalida, Vanina captivated the coaches – and moved her friend Amel Bent to tears – this Saturday, February 20 in The Voice Meeting with a motivated artist!

This Saturday, February 20, Kurt Cobain would have blown out his 54 candles By taking his own life, the Nirvana frontman left behind his only daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, born from his union with singer Courtney Love

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News – FR – I just wanted to go home (France 2) – Yves Rénier: ” I want those who still think Patrick Dils is guilty to see this movie ”
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