News – FR – La Faille (France 3): Our explanations on the end of the psychological thriller with Ryan Gosling



Released in 2007, this psychological thriller did not enjoy much promotion in France Yet, against all odds, Gregory Hoblit’s La Faille will attract more than a million spectators Carried by an Anthony Hopkins, as enigmatic as he is unfazed, and a stunning Ryan Gosling as an ambitious and determined young prosecutor, the feature film brings together all the good elements of a film of the genre But who says psychological thriller, says complex outcome: accused? Not charged? On the forums, many Internet users are still wondering about the real outcome of the film For those who are still in doubt, Vanity Fair explains it to you

When Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins), a wealthy aeronautical engineer discovers his wife is cheating on him, he decides to kill her with a gun Alerted by house workers, the police quickly went to the scene of the crime Detective Rob Nunally (Billy Burke) arrests Ted Crawford, who immediately admits the facts With horror, the police officer discovers that the victim is actually a woman with whom he has a relationship The husband is being prosecuted for “attempted murder”: indeed, if the bullet, fired by the latter, lodged in the skull of his wife, the latter did not die but plunged into a coma At trial, Ted Crawford decides to defend himself In front of him is William Beachum (Ryan Gosling), a young and very ambitious deputy prosecutor, and approached for a high position in a law firm. One has everything to lose, the other has everything to prove

Then starts a trial full of twists and turns Very quickly, William Beachum realizes that everything has been anticipated by the accused First, he reveals the affair between his wife and Agent Nunally, automatically invalidating the guilty confession he made to her. Another blow for the prosecutor: the murder weapon is not the right one Indeed, the pistol recovered from the scene turned out to be new and unused Faced with a lack of evidence, and despite William Beachum’s relentlessness to bring him down, Ted Crawford is acquitted The latter will then ask, as the law allows, to stop the care given to his wife to keep her alive

Then comes the end of the film, sometimes complex to grasp While Ted Crawford is acquitted, the young prosecutor refuses to give up, convinced of his guilt He will then go over the whole affair, to find a loophole in the plan finely put together by the murderer In particular, he will look into the fact that the accused went to the hotel where his wife is cheating on him, with Rob Nunally, a few hours before killing her. He then understands the element he was missing Ted Crawford attended to exchange his gun for the police officer’s gun So during the whole trial, the key exhibit was in the inspector’s case. Despite this new revelation, Ted Crawford remains incredibly confident Indeed, he knows that American law does not allow a person to be tried twice for the same charge.

But as he himself announced: “Everyone has a weak point, where the fault occurs one day” By requesting the termination of his wife’s care, Ted Crawford enabled William Beachum, through an autopsy, to recover the bullet lodged in her skull. Once recovered, and analyzed, it confirms the theory of exchange, advanced by the young prosecutor Ultimate flaw in Ted Crawford’s plan: his wife is now dead, he can be prosecuted for “murder” and no longer “attempted murder” This is how the film ends with the opening of Ted Crawford’s new trial.


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News – FR – La Faille (France 3): Our explanations on the end of the psychological thriller with Ryan Gosling