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Released in 2007, “The Rift” sees Ryan Gosling engage in a tasty face-to-face with Anthony Hopkins However, during the auditions for the role of Deputy District Attorney William Beachum, he had to face another actor who has since become famous: Chris Evans.

The fruit of an idea matured for many years by producer Charles Weinstock (he was a lawyer at the New York bar), La Faille is directed by a veteran of the thriller: Gregory Hoblit The latter is known for his suspense films such as Primal Fear, The Witness of Evil and Forbidden Frequency. In addition, the director has a brilliant cast

In first position, we obviously find Anthony Hopkins Astonishing anecdote: if we except his role of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon, it was only the second time that he played a criminal Facing him, we find Ryan Gosling who was starting to be one of Hollywood’s most coveted actors at that time, following his performances in Never Forget and Half Nelson. Finally, the cast also includes Rosamund Pike, former James Bond Girl in Die Another Day, who achieved definitive recognition 7 years later thanks to Gone Girl.

The Rift follows the story of Ted Crawford, who decides to kill his wife who cheated on him For this, he develops a crime so perfect that it will be difficult to condemn him for it Faced with this tortuous case, the young deputy prosecutor William Beachum is summoned Ambitious and just as provocative as Crawford, he will do anything to get him behind bars This is how a real game of lying poker will take place between the two men.

At the time, Chris Evans was also a rising actor Revealed in Sex Academy then Cellular, he rose to prominence in 2005 thanks to his role of the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four However, the actor wanted to get out of this image of a handsome kid for midinettes A role as serious as that of William Beachum could then be a good solution This is how he passed the auditions to play in La Faille Unfortunately for him he didn’t get the part During a Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter podcast broadcast last year, the comedian returned to this frustrating memory:

I had delivered the best hearing of my life It was so awesome! I had a great relationship with the director, I really felt the role was for me Besides, Anthony Hopkins was in the movie So I thought that having the role, it could be a turning point in my career But now, I lost Obviously, if there’s someone to lose against, lose to Ryan (laughs) But at the time it was hard

In addition, in this same podcast, Evans revealed that he had also been turned down for roles in Dating in Elizabethtown, Gone Baby Gone and Harvey Milk. Despite everything, the sequel, we know it: Chris Evans was chosen, from 2011, to play the superhero Captain America, the tactical leader of the Avengers A role he played brilliantly in nine films He even got the chance to work with his lifelong idol, Anthony Hopkins, during a short scene in Thor: The Dark World.

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News – FR – The fault on France 3: when Chris Evans was failed – CinéSéries