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Ten days after his successful entry into the group stage of the Champions League, by going to bring back a precious point from Cairo against Zamalek SC, vice-champion of Africa, Mouloudia d’Alger will continue this evening (8 p.m.), at the July 5 stadium, with the Maghrebian derby, by hosting ES Tunis, on behalf of the 2nd day of group D

A hell of a song for the Algerians, who tonight will challenge one of the most serious contenders for the coronation and a top-notch regular at the prestigious competition

A reunion therefore on the occasion of this Maghrebian derby, which already seems decisive for the two teams in the race to win the two group tickets, put into play for the quarter-finals

A reunion insofar as it has been almost a decade since the two antagonists have faced each other, since the last opposition between the MCA and the EST dates back to 2011, with a scathing defeat inflicted by the Tunisians on the Algiers (4-0), a certain September 10, 2011 in the same competition

Since then, water has flowed under the bridges, and it’s a whole different confrontation between the two teams, who will aim for the three points As such, the MCA who scores a point, will have no other alternative than to win against the leader of Group D, to increase his chances of qualification

And who says victory, automatically says excessive attack To this end, and unlike the match against Zamalek where he opted for an ultra-offensive tactical scheme, coach Abdelkader Amrani, whose second game this evening will be at the head of the technical bar, intends to adopt an offensive strategy to get this first success in the group stage, and his first at the head of the Dean’s technical bar

The manager should not make too many changes in his eleven who will start the game against EST, fielding the majority of the players who faced Zamalek last week Amrani, who hoped to count on the Bourdim-Benaldjia duo, seems to change his mind given the state of form of the two attackers, barely recovered from their injury, but short physically and technically, even if the coach could appeal to the duo as a joker The big worry for Amrani against a tough opponent will be to reactivate the offensive line of his team, down for a few weeks. Moreover, it is not for nothing that Mouloudia remains on a series of five unsuccessful games, in all competitions

And to get this success, which has been fleeing the MCA for over a month, Amrani will bet on the Belkheïr-Bensaha-Frioui triplet The latter, the club’s top scorer, has not shaken the net in the opposing woods since the end of December An ineffectiveness to which Frioui is determined to put an end to the occasion of this derby, by promising to redeem himself, as he announced on the eve of this shock: “It’s been a while since I scored certainly, but we must not forget that I was coming back from injury I know my teammates and the fans are counting on me to score and beat the EST

It won’t be easy against an experienced team, one of the best in Africa, but I will do my best and we will fight for the three points, “he promises Remember that it is a Moroccan arbitral trio, led by Redouane Jyied, who will officiate this 100% Maghrebian derby, and that the other group match will oppose, this afternoon in Dakar, the Senegalese from Teungueth to the Egyptians from Zamalek

Finally, note that the management of the MCA, and in anticipation of his third match of this group stage against FC Teungueth has already decided on its travel plan to Senegal The Algerian delegation will fly to Dakar on March 2 (next Tuesday) by special flight, while the return is scheduled for the 6 of the same month, the day after the match.

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News – FR – LDC (Day 2) MC Alger – ES Tunis (8pm, July 5th stadium): For a first success in the hens | El Watan
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