News – FR – Liverpool-Chelsea live: Blues return to Big 4 and drive Reds away from Europe


Driven by a superb collective performance, Chelsea won with panache at Anfield by dominating a very pale Liverpool and punished by Mason Mount (0-1, 42nd) Always invincible since his arrival, Tuchel places his Blues at the foot of the Premier League podium, 3 points behind Leicester and 4 from United Things get complicated for the Reds, seventh and starting to see the top 4 dangerously drift away

Liverpool are putting their last strength into the battle, but nothing seems to be able to reach the Blues tonight It’s a big blow that Chelsea achieves

Last change for Chelsea, while a German replaces another: Werner leaves in favor of Havertz

Poor Mané is shaken First rudely pushed by Rudiger, Kovacic clears him (frankly voluntarily) the ball full head The Croatian comes to apologize

There is fire in the Blues defense! Firmino makes a difference on the left and manages to cross With a little luck, Kabak is close to being able to recover but the ball is released in disaster In the process, the head of Wijnaldum is framed but captured by Mendy!

And to think that before this match, the Reds had already lost their last 4 matches at Anfield in the Championship, unheard of since 1923

Werner is close to surprising the Reds and Kabak defense, but his control in the box is anticipated by Alisson The Brazilian goalkeeper throws himself on this hanging ball

Milner enters the game instead of a very transparent Thiago Kovacic relays the excellent Mount, scorer tonight The Blues go 5-3-2

Very good ball from Mount, thrown to the left and which serves Werner in the box Offset to the left, the German wants to strike between Alisson’s legs but the goalkeeper does not let himself be fooled!

The pace has dropped and opportunities are scarce now A scenario that serves Chelsea’s purposes far more than Liverpool’s

We must underline the fierce match that the duo Kantà © -Jorginho is realizing in the middle Tuchel may have found his doublet

Chelsea have been under pressure for a few minutes If the Londoners’ iron defense still holds up, be careful not to back down too much

In Liverpool, the danger can also come from normally stopped kicks But even in this sector the Reds can’t do it Robertson directly finds Mendy’s gloves

Tuchel responds by shooting down his Pulisic card, which takes the place of a Ziyech one tone below his partners

And yet, Liverpool do normally quite well against the “historic” Big 6: 14 points in seven games, and only one setback this season inflicted by City

Jota, who hasn’t played since early December and suffered a knee injury, makes his comeback and enters just like Oxlade-Chamberlain Salah and Jones go out

Werner must apply better than that, while he has space in front of the corner of the box His strike from the right can’t find the skylight

The Reds try to get around the Chelsea block, but Tuchel’s players defend like starvation, and recover the ball after a long opposing streak What a defensive job

Liverpool are close to breaking down, and Werner to finally score on a cross from the right The German throws himself but he lacks a few centimeters to resume in front of the goalkeeper!

Robertson saves Liverpool, well placed at the far post while Ziyech took his chance from the left! It was on target, and the Blues would have made the break without this save on the line!

Chelsea are developing their game Mount sees Chilwell’s doubling and serves him on the left The center of the lateral find no one Kantà © finally arrives in second knife but he is prevented from striking in front of the block of the Reds

Still no shot on target for Liverpool in this game as Fabinho’s corner kicked off well, but placed his header next to Mendy’s post

The Reds claim a penalty and a hand from Kanté If the Frenchman effectively stops Firmino’s cross with his right arm, the referee judges after watching the video that there is no need to penalize this gesture! It’s very limited

The Reds are going to have to come up with a lot better in this second act if they hope to shake up those Blues. Tuchel’s tactical plan is working perfectly so far

Exciting English shock at Anfield, where Chelsea logically leads at half-time, compensated by Mount who was served by Kanté just before the break (42nd) Alisson had already failed (again) to lead the Reds, but Werner’s goal, danger at all times, was refused for a few millimeters (24th)

It’s the 5th Premier League goal of the season for Mount, who opens the scoring just before the break It’s deserved for Chelsea, terribly enterprising

Kantà © sees the call to the left of Mount and finds it a sublime transverse The Englishman attacks the left corner, gets on his right foot to eliminate Fabinho and hits a shot that finds the small net! What a goal!

As usual, Kanté is very active in the heart of the game The French international, not always aligned by Tuchel, begins to become essential to him

The Blues attack from the right, allowing Ziyech to cross after getting back on his left foot The ball is returned, but it’s Mount who ultimately benefits in the box The English recovery takes off

The two teams alternate the highlights, and the phases of possession We feel that the goals can come from one moment to another

Remember that in the first leg, Liverpool won 0-2 at Stamford Bridge, with a double from Mané after the break

Bad transmission from Rudiger which benefits Mané The Senegalese is looking for Salah on the other hand, who has space but misses the point when handing over to his teammate Goal kick

What a ball love of Salah, in a touch that finds in the back of the defenders Mané The Senegalese striker tries the recovery without control but misses the ball in front of the goalkeeper!

It’s cruel for Chelsea and Werner Perhaps it is with a little finger that the German is signaled in an offside position

It’s finally canceled after viewing, it plays out to a millimeter! Lucky for Alisson, who had gone fishing

What a mistake Alisson! Werner is sent deep into the backs of defenders Alisson comes completely out of his box but arrives in the wrong tempo, which allows the attacker to overtake him and then finish in the empty goal despite Kabak’s return!

Tuchel is on the edge of the key Former PSG coach pairs up with Klopp, German connection gives voice

Served on the left, Mount uses his burst of speed to overtake but his cross then does not find a taker The Englishman went too fast, even for his teammates

What an opportunity for Werner! Served a little with luck on an acrobatic gesture from Azpilicueta and at the limit of the offside, Werner seems surprised in front of the goalkeeper and wants to lob Alisson, but misses his gesture! In the process, Azpilicueta lands a heavy shot that passes overhead

A lot of engagement in this tackle from James in the legs of Mané The referee does not take out the card, it was limited

Hit on a high ball, Werner performs a very good coat rack control and can then go on to a half volley His attempt does not go far over Alisson’s crossbar!

Aided by their technical quality on the ball, Liverpool are gradually taking control of the match Klopp players show great serenity in transmissions

In position to strike in front of the box, Robertson positions his body poorly and his left shot goes way too far to the right Too bad

Beautiful inspiration from Alexander-Arnold who seeks Salah over the defensive axis of Chelsea The ball is good but fortunately for the Blues, Mendy had read the trajectory, and comes out of its surface to clear in touch

The Blues do not hesitate to go looking very high for their opponents in this early game Pressing at the loss of the ball, one of Tuchel’s paws

The players enter the field of an Anfield behind closed doors, accompanied by match referee Craig Pawson The kick-off is imminent

Liverpool still have to do without Joe Gomez, Jordan Henderson, Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk In the London ranks, Thiago Silva misses the call with a thigh injury

Thomas Tuchel, coach of the Blues for just over a month, has turned his team around considerably since joining Still undefeated, the former Parisian coach has a flattering record of 6 wins and 3 draws in 9 games

The Tuchel Blues will want to return to success after their two consecutive draws against Southampton (1-1) then Manchester United (0-0), last Sunday

It’s a summit that is worth a lot in the race for the top 4 Already 22 points behind leaders Manchester City and dropped from the chase for the league title following their 4 consecutive losses in PL in February, Liverpool hope to finally go on after have returned to success at Sheffield United (0-2) last Sunday

Giroud and Zouma are on the bench for this shock, Werner starts at the top surrounded by the Ziyech-Mount duo Kantà © is established in the middle by Thomas Tuchel

Still largely disabled in the defensive sector, Jürgen Klopp lines up a Kabak-Fabinho duo behind We don’t show the front trio anymore, as Jota starts on the bench

Liverpool announce the return of Diogo Jota, who has not played since early December and his knee injury

Hello everyone and welcome to our site to follow live commentary on the match between Liverpool (6th, 43 points) and Chelsea (5th, 44 points), counting for the 29th day of the Premier League Kick-off scheduled for 9.15 p.m., a meeting to follow on RMC Sport 1!

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News – EN – Liverpool-Chelsea live: Blues return to Big 4 and drive Reds away from Europe
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