News – FR – Loft Story: Christophe and Julie reveal the faces of their two children


Christophe and Julie, two former candidates of “Loft Story” have confided in the documentary “20 years of reality TV: from Loft à Secret Story “, aired on TMC this Wednesday, April 7 They also showed the faces of their two children

They gave themselves open hearted about their experience On April 26, 2001, Christophe and Julie, both aged 24, made their debut in a reality TV show called Loft Story and broadcast on M6 As the weeks went by, the two grew closer under the public eye. Twenty years later, they are married and parents of two boys On the occasion of the broadcast of the documentary “20 years of reality TV: from the Loft to Secret Story” on TMC this Wednesday, April 7, they confided in their new family life and did not hesitate to reveal the face their children, Matis, 18 and Solan, 10 In a photo, we can see the whole family together and their smile suggests that they are happier than ever. Barely out of the game, they were quickly in the spotlight and wanted to get away from it. “We had a lot of opportunities when the show came out Julie sang, I did a parade but it wasn’t for us It didn’t look like us, it’s not what we wanted to build “, they confided. They therefore left the capital and were able to build their lives, far from the media coverage.

In the documentary broadcast by TMC, Angela Lorente, the casting director of the program, wished to mention the couple Christophe and Julie “In life, they might not have met because they are very different We put them together in the Loft and they are part of the beautiful story of the show I also think it’s the best story “, she said. Indeed, in this reality TV, eleven singles were locked up and filmed 24 hours a day. Reconciliations very quickly took place and in the columns of Gala, Julie did not hesitate to confide that, without this program, she would never have met her husband. “What is very surprising is that we are very different In real life, we would never have met because we do not evolve at all in the same spheres He wasn’t the type of man I would have hung for at all It was the Loft that gave this opportunity “, she confessed. If today they spin the perfect love, it is also because they “privileged the communication It has helped us today to always be together because we are benevolent towards each other, we are attentive and we also give each one their share of freedom “, concludes the candidate

While Christophe and Julie met on a show, we can imagine that they must have told their experience to their children In the columns of Here, Julie reveals that her eldest son follows reality TV shows She specifies, however, that she does not want to see him in one of them one day. “It would hurt me a lot I will try to communicate as much as possible and show the negative sides We exchange and argue so that on his own, he is as armed as possible so as not to want to participate in these shows and do something else with his life, “she concludes.

Loana should have done like them, the notoriety rose to her head when we see what has become of human waste

these are the best winners of the loftthey succeeded in their outings by remaining discreet about their relationship

The group Tf1 are not fed up with copying the others, on C8 and RMC have done it, they know how to do that frankly, copied the others, shows, series, films and stole the animators

TF1 must stop copying the other channels, they only know how to do that, copying the other channels, series and films, and stealing the hosts

I remember this adorable couple, and so much the better if life smiles on them, grown-up children to this day, I haven’t seen the time go by

They are a beautiful couple, after the loft, they moved away from the TV and all that followed in order to lead a simple life

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News – FR – Loft Story: Christophe and Julie reveal the faces of their two children
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