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Marine Magnien

Today is not only the time for celebration, but it is also the prelude to Lent for some Christians around the world

Princesses, pirates, superheroes and little animals are out this Tuesday, February 15 to celebrate Mardi Gras!

Several schools allow the wearing of these festive costumes which allow you to be, for a day, in the skin of your favorite hero

Carnival is also the opportunity for families and children to taste the traditional pancakes and donuts

Since the 4th century after Jesus Christ, the Church has established Lent, a period of fasting and abstinence during which it is forbidden to eat meat and eggs This is the birth of Carnival or Carna Levare (remove the meat)

Not to spoil, as good precursors in the fight against waste, Christians decide to feast by eating all the food products likely to disintegrate during these six restrictive weeks.

From there is born the “Mardi Gras” In order to anticipate the austerity of Lent, believers multiplied the pleasures during these festive evenings where songs, dances and laughter dotted the streets of Christian towns

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News – EN – Mardi Gras: take out the disguises!
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