News – FR – Médine files a complaint against LREM MP Aurore Bergé


Assimilated last week to an “Islamist rapper” by LREM deputy from Yvelines Aurore Bergé, Medina announced this evening that it had filed a complaint against her

Faced with the accusations, Medina decided to go on the attack Thursday, on the LCI antenna, the LREM deputy of Yvelines Aurore Bergé had expressed her support for the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation Frédérique Vidal, at the heart of a controversy after pointing out finger “the dangers of Islamo-leftism in universities” An unwelcome statement given the extremely precarious situation of many French students, some of whom must be helped in order to be able to eat every evening In order to support her point, Aurore Bergé denounced a conference given in March 2017 by Medina at the École Normale Supérieure: “For example, you have this Islamist rapper Medina, you know, the one who said that secularists had to be killed, Is it legitimate for a school as prestigious as the ENS to give voice to those who call for murder? ”

After reacting briefly at the time of this speech, the rapper from Le Havre announced on his social networks that he had officially filed a complaint against the deputy of the ruling party, confiding to Mediapart that he wished thanks to this approach to wash his honor: “This is one too many times (…) She sticks to me an ideology which is, of course, not mine” It must be said that Medina has been facing this kind of accusation for several years now, fed by a part of the right as well as the extreme right, in particular because of his track Don’t laïk or the title of his 2nd album. released in 2005, Jihad: the greatest fight is against yourself He thus claims to demand “a condemnation and a public apology”, while on the side of the former spokesperson for La République En Marche, they explain “not wanting to comment on an ongoing legal case”

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News – FR – Médine files a complaint against LREM MP Aurore Bergé