News – FR – Michel Fontaine: “Most of the cases are of the South African variant”


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The mayor of Saint-Pierre and president of Civis, Michel Fontaine, is the guest of Antenne Réunion He takes stock of the spread of Covid-19 within the services of his municipality

“A lot of cases this is true, at the level of the ICAS, where there are 10 cases at the time of writing, most of them being variants There are also four cases at the town hall’s planning and land service. We also have a crèche that we had to close because of an identified case Most of these are South African variants”

“As soon as there is an agent affected by the virus, we close the service We work in partnership with the ARS From tomorrow 160 people will be testedWe will find out tomorrow, but at the level of the CIAS, I fear that we can speak of a cluster”

“I find it very deplorable that people do not have this civic behavior and do not wear masks despite the risk of the virus spreading in certain neighborhoods”

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News – FR – Michel Fontaine: “Most of the cases are of the South African variant”
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