News – FR – Moëlan-sur-Mer – In Moëlan, the housing tax on vacant housing has been approved


“This tax is based on the rental value of the accommodation and the rate applied is the same as that of the housing tax It will be due in 2023 but we want to vote on it tonight so that subject persons can organize themselves “, explained Franck Chanvril, finance assistant at Moëlan

In Moëlan, 420 housing units are considered vacant “If we had only a third of them made available to newcomers, that would be good” This tax will be due by the owners or usufructuaries of a habitable dwelling, vacant for more than two years, “but it is not due if the vacancy is beyond the control of the owner” Jacques Le Doze (opposition) said he was unconvinced: “It is not likely to constitute an important recipe for the municipality But it is a good way to limit the consumption of natural or agricultural space ” Franck Chanvril replied that “the objective is to make zero revenue, that would be the best signal for our municipality” And the mayor, Marie-Louise Grisel, concluded: “This tax is to make families aware that there are people who are waiting for rentals or who are ready to buy” Voted unanimously

Josée Guigourez (opposition) spoke of mobility and accessibility, “on unsuitable and unmaintained sidewalks, which push users to go on the road” “We will fix it, but we will not be able to do it in one year,” said the mayor, adding that “special attention has been paid to securing access to schools Educational work carried out in January by municipal police officers in the four zones 20 of the municipality, to create peaceful circulation spaces where pedestrians and cyclists have priority ” These are Kerfany, Place Lindenfels, Rue de Porz Moëlan and the Plateau du Center-Bourg, the latter having recently been added two illuminated panels

“We are going to initiate diagnostic work and support our reflection on the organization of municipal services, estimated at € 40,000 for the intervention of an external firm, over 18 months”, announced Franck Chanvril “It is also working on the rewriting of the administration project in response to the municipal project that is ours An exceptional expense in 2021-2022, which we will not talk about beyond But a necessary expense ”

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News – FR – Moëlan-sur-Mer – In Moëlan, the housing tax on vacant housing has been approved
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