News – FR – Nantes achieves feat in Kielce and goes to Champions League quarterfinals


Nantes achieved a real feat on Polish soil in Kielce Alberto Entrerrios’ men, who had a goal to recover after going to France, won (34-31) in the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League Here they are in the quarter-finals of the queen competition of European handball

French handball players have always known how to lead their boat in this part After conceding the first goal of the match, they were ahead for most of the game, with opportunities to have a four-goal lead for a first half (15-13 in the end) during which the goalkeeper Emil Nielsen was the strong man of his team, making 15 saves on 46 shots“We played really well as a team It was a very difficult fight Everyone played well, and it’s a big surprise for all of us, commented Danish “H” goalkeeper Emil Nielsen. It wasn’t easier than we thought, but I think we were better than we could hope for It was a difficult season with a lot of injuries, and it was difficult in the fall for us, but we managed to turn the situation around”

In the second half, Kielce will manage to lead in the score (23-22 in the 44th, then 25-24) But nothing will destabilize the band in Alberto Entrerrios Nielsen will further enhance himself by stopping two penalties Valero Rivera (9/9 including 6 penalties) and Aymeric Minne will prove to be very valuable (8 goals, 80%), as will Kiril Lazarov on the pass “I have a thought for those who stayed at home but played the first leg It is also thanks to them that we won this match and that we qualify today It was a big fight This is my first year in the Champions League and I’m already experiencing such emotions and it’s great, ”reacted Minne.

Eliminated 30-30 three minutes from the end, the Nantes, excited in defense, will manage to finish stronger than their opponents to qualify for their third quarter-final of the Champions League after 2018 and 2019

For a place in Final 4, Rock Feliho’s teammates will face Veszprém or Vardar Skopje in the quarter-finals, the Hungarians being on a favorable waiver after a success (41-27) in the round of 16 first leg

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News – EN – Nantes achieves the feat in Kielce and goes to the quarterfinals of the Champions League
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