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A cleaning lady’s alert saved the life of a young teenager who was sleeping in her house in Nantes on Monday morning

The smoke was clearly visible and protruded from the openings of the house on Monday morning, impasse Julien in Nantes, not far from Boulevard Schumann Discovering the scene when arriving at the scene at 8:23 a.m., the cleaning lady immediately had the reflex to call the fire department Smoke escaped from the pellet stove whose window was left open The carbon monoxide detector, present in the house, was triggered but it did not wake the 13-year-old occupant who was sleeping in her room It was the firefighters, when they got there, who woke her up, took charge of her, then ventilated the house. If the teenager didn’t need to be relocated, she was very lucky the housekeeper didn’t arrive later

In this house, two fire detectors did not work because the batteries had been removed Firefighters draw the attention of users to the importance of checking the operation of their detectors

This Monday February 22, the firefighters intervened in a house, Impasse Julien, near Boulevard Schuman, in Nantes A 13-year-old girl was sleeping there as fumes were released from a pellet stove A cleaning lady called on the 18th

Positioned this Sunday February 21 on the RD 723, east of Nantes, the gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron intercepted several speeding vehicles Including a wheelie biker

Mobile applications of the SIPA Ouest-France group available for download

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News – FR – Nantes The cleaning lady sees the fumes and saves the 13 year old girl | Ocean Press
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