News – FR – NBA – The enormous all-time record where Kawhi Leonard is untouchable!


Of all the qualities we know of Kawhi Leonard, the ones that stand out the most are his defense and his ability to carry his team in the playoffs The Klaw has come a long way since his San Antonio debut, is now one of the best players in the league, and has a monumental record!

At 29, Kawhi Leonard seems to have already secured his place in the Hall of Fame: with two league titles, two Finals MVP, and two Defender of the Year titles, the Clippers star has won almost everything in his career And this well-filled trophy cabinet is due to extraordinary regularity

This consistency at the highest level, Kawhi has cultivated it since joining Spurs in 2011 Landed in one of the most successful dynasties in American sport, he quickly assimilated the culture of winning 10 years later, the winger is reaping the rewards of this rigor, with an impressive record – ESPN Stats & Info reveals the feat of the Fun Guy:

Kawhi Leonard enters Sunday with a 411-137 record in the regular season His 750 regular-season win percentage is the best in NBA history (min 500 games) peaktwittercom / jbS1i8rcvG

Ahead of Sunday’s game, Kawhi Leonard has a career-wide regular season record of 411 wins and 137 losses

With 75% of games won, he has the best winning percentage in NBA history (for at least 500 games played)

A pretty impressive fact which can be explained by the fact that Leonard was drafted by Spurs from Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker San Antonio in the 2010s was a highly successful franchise in the regular season, and in the playoffs His stint in Toronto in 2019 was also crowned with success with a 58-win season and a ring.

Finally, last season, for his first exercise with the Clippers, the star still came close to 50 victories in the regular season (49), bar not reached because of COVID obviously In the end, Kawhi has always been part of very successful teams His talent is obviously no stranger to these impressive results, but circumstances are also working in his favor. It is to his credit that he was able to take advantage of it so effectively!

With 75% of career victories in the regular season, Kawhi Leonard asserts himself as a unique winning machine: The Klaw is the most victorious player in NBA history, no more and no less!

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News – FR – NBA – The enormous all-time record where Kawhi Leonard is untouchable!
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