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Of all the scorers who run rampant in the NBA, the one with the most shots isn’t necessarily the one you think of! Big markets and superstars are often put forward, rightly or wrongly, but a quiet player is having the best season of his career with devilish efficiency!

If you were asked to nominate the most effective scorer in the league, you would surely answer Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard, Steph Curry or Joel Embiid In terms of points per game you wouldn’t be wrong, but those stars aren’t the most lethal striker this season! Indeed, the one who put the most basket plays in a franchise little in sight

Yet he was indeed an All-Star, and this, quite recently Some may have guessed it, it is … Nikola Vucevic! The Montenegrin continues to show off his offensive skills in the Magic racket, and has turned into a real scoring machine, especially on pick and pop Bryan Kalbrosky of HoopsHype sums up the situation inside Orlando:

If we asked most fans who is the leader of the league in terms of baskets scored this season, very few would answer Nikola Vucevic The latter, who took Orlando to the playoffs for the past two years, is having the best season of his career. The pivot turns at 241 points per game, but for one reason or another this performance goes under the radar of league watchers

In attack, Vuc’s most formidable weapon is his perimeter shot, which he has continuously improved over time On pick and pop, the Magic franchise player is quite simply the player who scored the most in the NBA with 124 points scored after putting up a screen – an asset that makes him a particularly formidable player.

In this exercise, the big man from Orlando also stands at 3 points, where he scores 27 shots per game, all at 40% average You will understand, it is difficult to stop a player of his size so talented and complete offensively The francophone has shown this by smashing his career record this season, against Chicago, with 43 points

In recent years, Nikola Vucevic’s attacking game has continued to expand Pivot has become one of the most dangerous insides in the NBA on offense, to the point of being the player with the most goals this season. The Magic will need the talents of their star to hope to emerge from the soft underbelly of the East

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News – EN – NBA – The unlikely player with the most baskets this season
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