News – FR – NBA – Tragedies continue to befall Damian Lillard


Damian Lillard is an exemplary player in his attitude… The Blazers point guard is always 100%, he never complains, and he never shies away from his responsibilities And when you know everything he goes through in his private life, his performance and his state of mind take on another dimension …

NBA players, and stars in general, sometimes give the impression of being untouchable To live in their own world, far from the concerns of ordinary people But sometimes the players who make us dream every day are also affected by tragedies DeMar DeRozan, for example, moved Internet users by revealing the disappearance of his father…

And he’s not the only one going through a really dramatic time Author of a great season, Damian Lillard must also face a sad reality outside the courts According to information from The Athletic, the Blazers point guard would continue personal drama …

His feelings have been strained over the past 18 months, as he seems to have lived the equivalent of a lifetime In 2020, he was the first to discover the body of his cousin and personal chef An aunt died of cancer Family friend died of COVID And early in 2021, another cousin died in Oakland

And last Thursday, the day before the game against the Lakers, Lillard learned of the shooting deaths of two members of his inner circle One was a cousin close enough to be invited to his home on last Thanksgiving The other was one of his cousin’s best friends, he had moved to Portland with the family

The list of dramas that have touched Damian Lillard is long, and that makes his performances even more incredible … Many people would have cracked or lost their motivation, but the All-Star point guard always surpasses himself for the good of his franchise Even if he admits that the words of the fans are sometimes hard to accept …

Because I’m rich, because I play in the NBA, because they know my name, the fans think my life ends there… But this last year has been difficult… When I go on Twitter, the people still have so many negative things to say When I post a photo on Instagram, people have so much to say … I feel a lot of people don’t understand that we have lives too

Damian Lillard was already one of the league’s most respected players, and this information should reinforce that general feeling…

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News – FR – NBA – Tragedies continue to befall Damian Lillard
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