News – FR – Nice: two nurses injured by a patient’s pen-gun


The facts happened on Monday February 22, in NiceAt around 8:30 p.m., a man was dropped off at the hospital, seriously injured by gunshot

Two hours later, when it’s time to gather her things, a nurse manipulates a strange cylindrical object This evokes a pen or a flashlight, as police and judicial sources told AFP

The nurse will accidentally activate the ratchet of the weapon Immediately, a shot goes off, injuring her and another nurse who was in her line of fire. Still according to the same sources, the days of the two injured would not be in danger However, a third person present on site would suffer from tinnitus

Two investigations have been opened, for attempted intentional homicide and violation of the law on weapons Both entrusted to the judicial police, and not to the departmental security, as the Nice prosecutor’s office assured AFP

These guns, easily transportable and complicated to detect, can be mistaken for ordinary pens In a letter addressed to the director general of the CHU de Nice, the Force Ouvrière union asked for an increase in the number of staff, a strengthening of measures for the arrival of patients and the immediate establishment of a psychological assistance unit for the emergency personnel The period is “anxiety” in the emergency room, “in tension”, they detail, because many patients cannot be transferred.

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News – FR – Nice: two nurses injured by a patient’s pen-pistol