News – FR – On France 2, Rousseau shines the lights


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In “La Faute à Rousseau”, the new series of France 2, high school students see a new philosophy teacher tumbling down, skilled at handling concepts such as provocation. A family series in tune with the times, the first two episodes of which will air this Wednesday, February 17 at 9:05 p.m.

“Here we are going to break everything, the philosophy is to deconstruct everything, received ideas, prejudices, appearances It is to lay bare”The final year students of the Lycée La Fontaine have seen teachers, but Benjamin Rousseau (Charlie Dupont, Belgian actor with always delectable appearances, from Hard to Fais pas ci, faire pas ça) is a rare specimen, a free spirit , a little punk on the return, which will shake up the gloom of the return The new philosophy teacher handles concepts as much as provocation and, above all, prefers practice to theory … That’s good news: the life of his students is a reservoir of doubts and cases of conscience

Welcome to La Faute à Rousseau, a new series of France 2 which blows a salutary wind of freshness on a genre in vogue, even a little worn: fiction in schools – option nonconformist teacher If TF1 relies on Sam’s incredible escapades, France 2 makes a more subtle copy, compromised between the unifying demands of prime time and writing in tune with the times For Agathe Robilliard and Thomas Boullé, writers of the series, it all started as a forced exercise: the adaptation of a Catalan series, Merlí, broadcast between 2015 and 2018

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France 2, Charlie Dupont, Jean-Jacques Rousseau

News – FR – On France 2, Rousseau shines the lights
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