News – FR – Patrick Dils: what happened to him after his legal fight?


France’s biggest miscarriage of justice Patrick Dils’s name is familiar to everyone who has followed his story, which began in the mid-1980s 34 years later, this Monday February 22, France 2 is rebroadcasting Yves Rénier’s TV movie adapted from his story and his book, I just wanted to go home To understand the Patrick Dils affair, it is necessary to go back in time to September 1986, in Montigny-lès-Metz (Moselle)

On September 28, the bodies of two eight-year-old children, Cyril Beining and Alexandre Beckrich, were found unconscious near an SNCF railway line The boys were killed with stones Patrick Dils is then a 16-year-old apprentice cook, living on the same street as the two boys All it takes is an anonymous call to the police, accusing him of being guilty, for the investigators to take an interest in him and question him. His schedule does not coincide with the time of the crime of the coroner, he is released … But only for a few months

While law enforcement has yet to arrest the perpetrator of these two crimes, new testimony reshuffles the cards in April 1987 The latter questions the time of death given by the coroner and therefore coincides with the schedule of young Patrick Dils The teenager is taken into custody, questioned for 36 hours and ends up confessing to being involved in the deaths of the children, although he says he does not know why he killed them

Charged with homicide on April 30, he was imprisoned in the Metz-Queuleu remand center If he recanted with his lawyer, he once again admitted his involvement a few days later, during a reconstruction at the scene of the crime For the investigating judge there is no longer any doubt: he is guilty of the murder of Cyril Beining and Alexandre Beckrich Although he recanted once again with his lawyer, he would have to wait until 2002 to be definitively acquitted …

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News – FR – Patrick Dils: what happened to him after his fight judicial?
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