News – FR – Patrick Poivre d’Arvor: how much did he earn at the head of the 20 hours?


Bad week for the former favorite presenter of the French? Patrick Poivre d´Arvor, the unmistakable face of TF1 for years, is now under investigation for aggravated rape, Le Parisien reported on February 18, 2021 It was the writer Florence Porcel who decided to file a complaint Since then, the testimonies that were not heard in the past are now heard and some anecdotes are coming to the surface Planet recently evoked the strange story of a jealous PPDA, therefore deciding to urinate on the couch of Claire Chazal, his former companion …

The journalist, who still worked for CNews last January, decided to file a complaint against his accuser But, in the press, other stories go back: Capital, for example, decided to tell that of the forfeiture of PPDA The septuagenarian – he is now 73 years old – never knew how to regain glory after his departure – eviction? Not really, a priori – from TF1 The accusations of plagiarism in 2011 obviously did not help the rest of his career but his reputation was already tarnished, our colleagues indicate

In the eyes of the monthly specializing in economics, Patrick Poivre d´Arvor quickly “demonetized” after his dismissal from the front page And the magazine to insist: it was, no more and no less, a “golden post” At the time when he was presenting the biggest news in France, the journalist was paid some 96,666 euros a month, to which was added 150,000 euros gross annually, under an exclusivity clause What to fall from above

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News – FR – Patrick Poivre d’Arvor: how much did he earn at the head of the 20h00?
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