News – FR – Rennes: a young biker dies in an accident after refusing to comply


A 27-year-old man died in a motorcycle accident on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Rennes after refusing to comply to a police check, we learned Sunday from the prosecution

Driving a 700 cm3 motorcycle, the young man was seen at 11:55 p.m. by the police “driving at high speed on the Quai de Châteaubriant”, in the city center of Rennes, said Rennes prosecutor Philippe Astruc, in a report. message to AFP

He “did not stop at the various ‘stops’ of this axis and drove quickly”, then did not stop at a red light, according to the magistrate “After activating their flashing light, the BAC (anti-crime brigade, editor’s note) staff followed the motorcyclist in order to carry out his control The latter refused to comply and continued on his way “, added Philippe Astruc

A little further, “the police noted the presence of the motorcycle on the ground and the motionless and unconscious individual The call to the fire department was immediate On site the doctor from the SAMU could not resuscitate him The death was recorded at 00:28 “, according to the same source

“The investigation made it possible to establish, thanks in particular to several testimonies of residents, that the person concerned was alone at the time of the accident, the police officers having arrived on the spot only in a second time”, specifies the prosecutor

The victim “with some criminal record” was an employee of a transport company “The reasons for its presence in the city center during the time of the curfew and its behavior are not yet established”, added Philippe Astruc An autopsy was ordered

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The Interior Ministry announced a strengthening of controls to ensure that the curfew at 6 p.m. is respected, due to the good weather this weekend

Gaël Monfils, the French tennis champion, announced a very sad news on Saturday February 20 The sportsman has separated from his partner Eliva Svitolina, with whom he is currently on a break In his Instagram story, he revealed the reasons

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The hospitalization of Prince Philip, 99, “is a precautionary measure on the advice of his royal highness doctor, after he felt unwell,” Buckingham Palace assured

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In their clay and hay cabin, which relies on a solar panel for electricity, Jonathan, Caroline and their two-year-old live peacefully among the woods When the cold freezes their water supply, Jonathan goes to the stream for supplies The couple left Paris two years ago to settle on this plot, in Corrèze “First winter, there was a bit of apprehension, because a farmer told us that we wouldn’t be clever in our cabin in -15 ° C”, recalls Caroline. The couple of environmental activists founded a website to promote their lifestyle The candidates for a return to nature are more and more numerous with the health crisis The municipality of Chasteaux complains “Our initiative is to encourage people who own land but who do not take care of it to make it available to collectives who are committed to regenerating and preserving the land”, explains Jonathan Like them, a dozen people have settled in these woods But the town of Chasteaux has taken legal action: these new inhabitants are installed in an area at risk of landslide “If the municipality does not file a complaint, if there are accidents, the municipality will be responsible” The family is at risk of being evicted and their cabin destroyed

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This Saturday, February 20 is a special day for Mélanie Laurent: the 37-year-old actress celebrated her birthday Very discreet about her private life, the Parisian actress has rebuilt her life in Los Angeles, with her children and her mysterious American darling.

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News – FR – Rennes: a young biker dies in an accident after refusing to comply
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