News – FR – Rugby / Pro D2 Javaux flawless, too early red : the tops and flops of the slap received by the VRDR against Mont-de-Marsan


Leaded entry by his indiscipline but not too badly varnished at the break due to the imprecision of the Mons scorers, the Drôme agreement completely sank after the hour of play, ending up taking water from all sides

Maxime Javaux: The opener and checkered scorer was one of the few to emerge individually during his time on the pitch Efficient at the foot – he has exceeded 200 points this season – with three penalties and the conversion, in the corner, of his own try on which he was well placed at the end of the line to be forgotten by the opposing defense At his speed, questionable choices on two penalties, in his strings, not attempted Javaux gave way to Chouvet in the 66th Was it so wise?

Théo Hannoyer: If he sins by wait-and-see on the first try in Mons, the second checkered line was striking and often in the advance in the first period, as on this charge at the half hour, and effective on his touchdowns It was more complicated in the second half especially after the 65th when the team took to water from all sides

La grinta: It may seem paradoxical in view of the final score but the VRDR was still in the game in the 65th when he had the opportunity to pass in front, in particular thanks once again to his good performance in melee, sector of game on which the Mons were not sufficiently sanctioned in the first period

Indiscipline: How not to get into a match worse when you concede two cards, including the first from the first minute (yellow for Mensa for dangerous tackle) and especially a red so early in the game (11th) against Goumat for shoulder mucking Running after the score from the first minutes, the Drômois left an energy that they lacked at the end of the match And again, the Landes scorers missed 12 points at the foot in the first half

Missed tackles: As Johann Authier rightly noted, “Naituvi (two tries) wandered around, everyone watched him without tackling” Even reduced to fourteen, the Checkers missed too many defensive tackles and failed to contain the Mons acceleration

Segundo Tuculet: Until now rather regular and enterprising behind, the Argentine rear has been too feverish with the ball, notably missing a reception in the 24th and committing a forward in his camp and in the last position defender on a kicking ball at the hour mark Not in his habits

Questionable choices: This is not the first time that the Checkers have made the surprising choice not to take the points at the foot that are available to them, and twice last night in a very good position, preferring the penal in order to score a try Example in the 60th where the Drômois, led by a point (16-17) thus spoiled the only opportunity to pass in front of the scoreboard This undoubtedly confirmed Mont-de-Marsan in its intentions

The balance sheet: The VRDR wanted to win and give up its place of relegation to Mont-de-Marsan It missed Worse, the Checkers even let the Landais leave with the 5 points of the enhanced victory, the worst possible accounting operation Fortunately for them, Rouen lost and is only 3 points ahead of the VRDR, which maintains its chances of survival despite the slap.

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News – FR – Rugby / Pro D2 Javaux flawless, too early red : the tops and flops of the slap received by the VRDR against Mont-de-Marsan
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