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Cases of covid have been reported in several departments of the town hall and Civis These services therefore had to be closed to prevent any spread of the virus. A crèche in Ravine-des-Cabris is also on Monday, and until further notice

Several cases of Covid within the same department and it’s the closure This Monday February 22, therefore, expect some disruption in the southern capital To prevent the epidemic from progressing even faster, the mayor of Saint-Pierre, Michel Fontaine, has announced the outright closure of several services at the town hall and at the Civis

The Moulin à Café crèche in La Ravine-des-Cabris is closed until further notice, after the identification of a Covid case carrying the South African variantThe staff must therefore be tested now and must be tested again on D 7

It is also recommended to screen parents, and children by saliva test if possible The crèche will reopen after a positive opinion from the Regional Health Agency

Four positive cases of Covid, including 3 cases carrying a variant, were identified by the land use and planning department of the Saint-Pierre town hall The service is therefore closed until further notice, the staff will work remotely

At la Civis, building B which notably houses the Center Intercommunal d’Action Sociale in Pierrefonds has been closed for 2 days9 people positive for Covid have been identified, most of them linked to the South African variant The premises have been disinfected and the ARS is organizing tomorrow, Tuesday 23 February, a screening operation with the SDIS and mediators About forty people are affected by this measure

In the meantime, the positive Covid cases have been placed in isolation, as well as the contact cases The reopening of this service will be done with the approval of the ARS

Last week, Saint-Pierre almost became one of the new municipalities placed under curfew With an incidence rate of 97 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it was just below the threshold set at 100,000 / 100,000, unlike Salazie, Sainte-Suzanne and Etang-Salé, for which the measure entered into force at 10 p.m., from Thursday February 18

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News – FR – Saint-Pierre: multiplication of Covid cases in municipal services – Réunion la 1ère
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